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ok guys and girls, be honest, what is the biggest fish you caught this year. if you have photos all the better....maybe yak could award a years free mebership to the best fish story, true of course!

i caught a 40lbs trout at deer lake in burnaby this year on my flyrod. it was yummy, fed like 20 of my friends.
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I gotta call bs on that one. There's no way you could find 20 people willing to eat something that came out of Deer Lake. It's yucky. lol

My Biggest of the year was a 36lb spring that i caught at engelfeild bay lodge in the queen charlottes. I also caught a 21lb snapper a 28 lb ling cod and a 34lb chicken halibut. My Biggest trout was a 5 lb rainbow that i caught in September at Dairy lake on a 5 weight fly rod , using a black micro leech. all in all i had a great year. OHHHHHHH i almost forgot the sturgon, i have photos and i'll try to download them, it was a 7'6" roughly 350 pounder that my dad and i caught our secret spot.

wishing everyone tight lines and tons of fish.

im thinking this was a 55-60 range, was a big brute biggest i fought on the drift rod i just got took almost a hr 45 mins up n down the river gradually.
The Yak

If I had the power to give out subscriptions I would...

anyway, my biggest was a 7 ponder outta Sawmill lake in Oliver on a black and red chironomid.

I cought a 8 pound rainbow in Osoyoos, my buddy caught a 10 pounder. Also pulled out a few nice 4 pound smallies from Vaseux this year too. Sorry, the pics arn't digital. Yak and others, if you have any questions about fishing around the Oliver area, feel free to ask.

Coho Cody

abu_rocket, you claimed that you didn't catch that fish, but just took a picture with it from some european guy. correct me if im wrong, could be someone else.
bass master 99

I dont care if he caught or not, thats a big fish!!!!!!!
Hook Set

wow big fish, was that fish netted in that little net in the background???? My biggest was a 45lb spring.

Coho Cody you are right he did say someone else caught it. also most of the guesses of its weight are about 40 lbs.
Really nice claiming someone elses catch as your own!

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post Oct 26 2006, 03:39 PM
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secondly posting to stlhd i didnt catch it, i held it from a guy who got it in denmark, my friend helped tail and clean it, and it was given to him and YES he tagged it on his license so everyone knows, i would have took pics n released it, its not my business, its biggest fish i seen come out the vedder,third i dont eat any fish at all, i catch and release i do it for the sport, And the biggest i caught was a 38 and YES we weighed it, so thats all the info I have.

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stfu your all rats, i was seriouslly jokin
and you take me seriouslly over sum testosterone prize
I dont care if i get anything freee
I was just makin a joke no i caught a 38 this yr and thas the biggest

nuff hating from you all i was makin a funny remark
you all suck for being rats and hating on me.
shove it n stay flossing your shiesty attitudes

Wow that was harsh... Anyways great fish everyone. My biggest was a 49 pound spring caught near Sooke.
Hook Set

wow that was harsh, you did that on another site too

..u all suck for being rats and a liaaar !!..what worse....? on

ok guys/girls.....back to fish stories. i kind of liked the bby lake story, or rather the response it drew!
myself i had a poor year as i did very little fishing. next year will be different.
how about the rest of you. lets hear your stories!


mine was probably 15 puonds. dirty-assed spring from by the vedder hatchery. biggest fish of my life actually. it was my first year fishing for salmon so i'm pretty thrilled. damn thing was bigger than my dog gutted and with its head cut off.

This is my biggest fish ever!

This is my biggest fish ever!

Check this beauty out! Fishing tamahi on the vedder took about half hour to surface. She sat in the fast water like a god dam snag! beautiful fish!!!
Salmon Slayer

How about my 155 pound halibut that I caught in my 16 foot aluminum using a 5 pound live mackerel off Tofino in September? Took an hour and a half and had to tie the tail to the boat and drag her in. Was some adventure. Can we post fish from Hawaii?? Anybody interested in seeing them? Got some Ahi Tuna 110 pounds through 160 pounds and a 200 pound blue marlin all in 1 day.
Louis Vuitton

This thread is titled "Biggest fish of the Year", not province, so give'r
Salmon Slayer

If anyone is headded to Hawaii this year, you must have a look at
These guys are the best bet for good fishing and a great rate!! For what you get it is the best. I know I have fished all over the world and other than home, here in BC it is my favorite fishing to do!

Or if you want to get to see some very exciting fishing. I go there 2-3 times per year and have never been skunked.

Have a look at the photo gallery and dream. You will agree it is a great place to see something different from what we are used to. i know some of you think it is a bad deal to show other fisheries but if you only fish in one place your whole life I think it is a shame.


Salmon Slayer

This was a one day trip for 10 hours and we got it in the bag!!
Two of us faught these babies for an hour and a half each! sometimes there were 3 on at a time!

The Yak

Beautiful Yellow Fin SalmonSlayer. I'd love to try for one on the fly. The next saltwater speicies I'd like to hit would be Dorado. Cool lookin fish and good eating!
Salmon Slayer

Thanks Yak,

Here is my 50 pound dorado, you want these you must see the site at Some days they can get into 20 to 30 dorado....(mahimahi)

I mounted this one as I will be hard pressed to beat it.

Looks great on the wall got it done at Gray Taxidermy in Florida.
Salmon Slayer

Here is a random dordo catch from the website.
Salmon Slayer

Opps, I mean dorado.

abu_rocket, tsk tsk tsk, the language...

You should not post until your mental age catches up to your physical age. For a dude in the mid 20s, you sure have acted like a teen who's not getting the attention he seeks for.

FYI, as much as you wish to exaggerate, that booty Chilliwack chinook salmon is no where near the weight you claim to be. In each white spring derby on the Chilliwack River, the biggest have always been around the high 50s, and those are as rare as how often you are getting it at home. Camera angles do wonderful tricks. Nice facial expression by the way.

Secondly, how embarrassing to be claiming a fish that you did not catch, and then get all testy after you have been called out.

If y'all are looking for some entertaining reads:

Nice spring jack lol...¤t=IMG_1889.jpg

By the way, the term haterz, is what kids use when they dislike what others have to say to them. If you can't handle having your flaws pointed out on the net, maybe it is best that you don't post at all.

Still want some luv?

fisher 696


..this aint not sure if i like seeing 20 dead fish on a dock, thats a lot of meet there.but needless to say those are some monsters somethin ull never forget im sure..good stuff..

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