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its supposed to snow today everyone so if ur goin out dress warmly!
bass master 99

dont you mean its supossed to snow a couple times next week and maybe sunday?
fisher 696

Kinda depends on where u r, doesn't it ?
bass master 99

for sure. I'm by the water so there wont be much snow
bass master 99

k now its snowing like crazy
u were right
theres tonnes of snow.

is there any icefishing anywhere in the lower mainland coming up?
fisher 696

Usually we don't stay cold enough for long enough to create thick enough ice to be safe.
bass master 99

Now its -20 at night with wind chill on the coast. Man its cold. its like -10
Louis Vuitton

Dude, its so effing cold. The last few nights we've been shooting Fantastic Four 2 in Vancouver, and when the "pictures up", up have to wear like, t-shirts and act as if it's spring/summer. Its horrible, and we film it at like 2am-630am when its like -20 with the wind chill.

Fishing forum > snow


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