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For the evening of November 5 and the morning of November 6, 10... I repeat 10 inches... yes inches.... 10 inches of rain is expected to fall near the U.S.-Canada crossing in the town of Sumas. We have had more rain the first 5 days of November than we have had the previous 3-4 months. If the forecasted rain indeed does fall. It will be the second most wet day since they kept track of rainfall records This was just off of the weathernetwork t.v. channel and off of Kiro 7 news. I wonder what this means for the rivers......

bass master 99

it means the fishing will be shitty because of the muddy waters. take the vedder for example. right now it is a complete mudhole right now because there was too much rain too fast.Although it doesnt really matter to the fish, the fishing will be slow because of visibility.(Maybe if you have extra flashy lures or flies you might have a small chance at em)

Haha, obviously the fishing will be poor in most cases.(first post I was being sarcastic about the rivers lol but w/e) I hope all the fish don't disappear until next weekend when I will get another chance at landing a coho....
bass master 99

Next weekend (if it doesn't rain for at least 1 day) it should pick up alot, and i think it will probably be some of the best coho fishing this year.(also along with some floods)

Just wait 4 years when there is no run because of the wash out and the eggs being silted over. Leave what fish are left to spawn. Pact away the poles, tie some flies and wait it out til the steelies come in Feb.

Well gecko...thats why we have hatcheries to provide recreational fishing.we don't worry about natural spawners because they are wild fish. wild fish are only used for hatchery egg production when needed. in 4 years we will still have a run of coho with a missing adipose fin to catch and keep. and we will still have wild coho running as well to provide eggs for the next generation. We all invest in this recreation through our fishing license purchases and stamps.And it will rain as usual 4 years from now as well.

Fishing forum > RAIN


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