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Tried fishing for them in Gold Creek/river in Golden Ears Park, couple nibbles, and one small one, but nothing to really kill the tug cravings, I was using a Mepps Aglia, anyone suggest a possible better lure to attact these fish, I keep hearing about 5-10 lb'ers. Wouldn't mind latching on to one of these.

The Blue or silver Blue Fox is my go to lure . In my opinion the best lure bar none.Gold Creek is a really good spot for them.Cast in and let the current take your lure as far out as you can go and real in real slow against the current.

Tight Lines

Nice fish!!, Where did you catch it?

u just might never know..and if u went there u would reconize be heating all our spots out glennard..just cause u cant fish right

ps...theres a differecn between a bulll trout and a u know ?????

The place looks really familiar, and that doesn't look like a Dolly, but... still a nice fish

no....its a dolly just like this one. nice fish tavin
The Yak

Ive caught plenty with egg imitations on the fly and with Jensen eggs and wool

Bulls and Dolly are roe pigs
Louis Vuitton

Dollies and Bulls also love sculpin flies, so a wool-head sculpin is a good pic for your box, as well as glo-bugs and big gaudy (much respect) egg-sucking leeches.
bass master 99

where do you go in gold creek to get them? Above or below the lower falls.

I've been hitting the pool below the bridge you go over to the parking lot & down stream to Allouette Lake

Damn nino..thats a fat bastard...niicey did that taste..?
The Yak

You can not keep Dollies or bull trout at all. C&R only so i assume he put them back.

that pic is several years old but it sure was a chunky little guy. fish like the dolly and bull trout that inhabit the fraser all there lives should not be eaten because of all the toxins they accumulate. that pic was on a 1mp camera that i threw away years ago because the maker did not make drivers for windows xp.

Hate to bring up ol topics but ive bin meaning to correct u nino ..thats a eastern brooke trout u got there....its a introduced species to bc..regaurdless nice fish ....

Looks to me like el-nino's fish is a Dolly Varden! Brook trout have blueish haloes around there spots, and a redish orange belly.
stink finger

dollies are only catch and release in rivers are they not is this not where the river flows in to the lake?
The Yak

Dollies are catch and release everywhere in southern BC. There are only a few exceptiond and they are no where near the lower mainland

Retention of Dollys and bull trout is prohibited in streams and sloughs, so wheres the stream end and the lake start? Also to Identify a bull trout from dollys is pretty tough but the head is wider on a bull, so there is a formula can't remember now, but somthing about the distance from the center of the eye to the centre of the head is greater than the distance from the centre of the eye to the corner of the mouth, somthing like that.

Have we not done this drill before?

A dolly's mouth stop's at its eye and a Bull trouts mouth will pass its eye Thats my understanding anyways,And thats what I've read aswell No retention in Streams or sloughs .

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