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Hey guys, when I was out fishing with my buddy at Sasamat I noticed he does something different with his fish after catches them and I was wondering if it was okay to do this because the fish ended up a bit blotchy and discoloured by the end of the day (about 4 hours or so). Normally I would say the best thing to do would be to club the fish then throw it in a cooler with some ice, but he just drops it into a bucket with some water.... is it alright to do this? Oh yeah, the fishing is killer there right now, we caught a 16" 'bow, a 15" 'bow, a 15" cuttie, and a couple 14" bows and some half decent 12's-13"s.
Louis Vuitton

Are they alive when he drops them in the bucket?
If he just clubs them and then drops them into a bucket, rigamortis sets in and they go all stiff and shit, and blotchy. After clubbing, he/you should bleed them so that way the meat won't bruise.


They're definately dead.... so are they still edible or did I just waste my time?
Louis Vuitton

If you catch them, kill em and store em, they're still edible. But if you like, just leave em out in the sun after killing em, I wouldnt eat em. As long as they are stored in a cool damp place, they should be fine. The only other deciding factor is what body of water they come out of.

Cool thanks. So are you saying if they came from saltwater vs. freshwater things would be different?
Louis Vuitton

No man, I mean from like, a pond slash ditch as opposed to Buntzen lake, for example.

Fishing forum > Fish storage question


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