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When someone says to me...but its a trophy lake...I think, great, fish forever, and maybe get something after a couple of when I hear about Dragon Lake being good for trophy rainbow, I just groan, but decide to give it a try. I just have this to say, HOLY CRAP!!!!
I have never seen or caught the size of fish that were coming out of this lake on Sat.
Was out for only 3 hrs and caught three 5 to 6lb'ers and one close to 10lbs. If you EVER have the opportunity to fish this lake, do not, I repeat DO NOT turn it down...
Louis Vuitton

I know man, like steelhead. Use 8wts if you go.
Rob G.

Here's what they look like...a few weeks far the biggest trout I have ever seen!!

Oh yeah, thats what they look like alright, I think I want to leave work right now...
Not being an absolute fly fishing purist, we were just using wedding bands and willowleafs and were getting hits the whole time we were out there. It felt like hooking a salmon when they struck. Nothing beats interior lakes for big trout.

glad to hear you did good if this is the same guy i was telling on where to go up there did you get a chance to try the other lakes the are just as good if not better.

Nope, wasn't me, but if you have any suggestions,
Been to Marmot, Bishop(nice fishing lake), and Punchescut(sp?), there are just so many around Quesnel, it's unbelievable,
I would move up there just for the fishing.
I heard Fishpot Lake is really good as well.

Fishing forum > Dragon Lake in Quesnel


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