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My thoughts are that real fishermen catch and release, don't floss, never use gang trolls, always tell the truth no matter how small the fish was,fish all four seasons,buy thier fishing lic in April, own and regularly use a fly rod ,have volunteered with Salmon Enhancment,read the regs before they fish each time,use barbless hooks and don't need a trophy.


Isnt a fisherman one who goes fishing??

I think that's a sports fisherman!!!

I fly fish on a regular basis, but I enjoy all types of
fishing even flossing, and I release almost all of my catches. Why do people care how other people fish? WHO CARES!!

I also volunteer at a salmon enhancment facility,
have done all the float counts,fin clipping, egg enumuration,spawning,saines ect.... I still don't
feel superior to other anglers! I think some fisherman
need to get off there high horse and quit complaining
about the guy who just fishes for sockeye!
The Yak

why respond to the troll guys?...

i dont car how people do it .if u have a chance to feed ur friends and family with one of the most tasty'st of fish once a year then take that chance and enjoy a good floss, ive never abused the system to wear im poaching the fish my limit is my limit then i leave and let the others enjoy...on the other hand thers nothing like f;ippin a good ol worm and float on ur fav lake ... fish oN!!!

Real fisherman? That's a nice concept.
Real fisherman, don't catch and release fish!
They only catch what they are going to eat.
They don't sell their fish and make money by it.
Sports fishing/catch and release should be banned!!
Guided fishing tours, too.
Also, all commercial fisheries should be banned and fishermen should become fish-farmers.
Government could help that, if they cared.
Every dodo today wants to catch fish and be guaranteed a catch when they go out on a boat.
If you want to sell fish, grow it. Feed it, provide shelter for it and care for it. We don't go and catch wild cows anymore and chicken. Any animal that is being consumed by us in a big way is produced by us.
We are not a part of the food chain anymore and have outgrown what the earth can support and cannot be balanced and kept in check by nature. We have become so wasteful.
We will probably never change because keeping status quo is easy.
Anyway, just a thought.

WOW that is more than just a thought! Flossing (snagging) is wrong! it's not fishing. I don't think we have to go as far a shutting the whole system down but I think if we had a system that would do more that a word of warning and people got some harsh fines and jail time. Things might change. For the guy who goes to Balcara and loads up on 25 3inch crabs, for the guy who catches (Flosses) 6 Springs in the morning and goes back the next day for more and for the guy who ignores the Commerial schedule and nets during non fishing times... Throw the book at em! ALl I can say guys and gals is if you know they are doing something wrong do something about it. Report them! Why do you think the hag in my complex is getting the boot from our complex? because I stood up and did something about it. The same reason why fisheries called me today to confirm one of our fellow boardie took more than his limit on the long weekend.I did something about it. I would have rather flattened his tires or snapped his rods in half but that would not make me any better than he is. Anyways, tight lines.

a real fisherman never complains,

just makes it right.

why do you think catch and release should be banned, adriaticum? If it wasn't for us(catch and release)guys some people might just go hungry!


I think catch and release should be banned because it damages fish. We may think that using barbless hooks and gentle release methods work, however I am not convinced.
I don't believe that the fish are the same after being caught. I'm not a animal rights activist, far from that, but I think that if we want to do that, we should create our own fun. In other words we should leave the wild fish stocks alone and farm our own fish for consumption and for sport. My greatest concern is what we are leaving for future generations. We are so good at adapting the world to our own needs that we will destroy it. You may not notice that in BC, but Africa and S. America can. When they start crying about it, it will be too late. Japanese have devastated tuna stocks and only now are trying to farm it for their needs. Hopefully the tuna can rebound in 50 years.
But our population grows and everyone wants to eat everything, anytime.
There is so much we can do to preserve the wild fish habitat and create articifial habitat and populate it with fish for our own fun. Most fishermen don't care where they catch fish, as long as the fun and adrenalin are present.
Government could easily finance fishermen and transform them into fish farmers.

I will always eat farmed fish over wild, if I can. The taste is not as good but there are spices out there.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply, regarding catch and release. You do make some good points,But I have never kept any fish and dont intend to.Thats just how I am! I never did like the taste of any fish spieces. But I do encourage farmed fish and would like to see more restriction towards our very fragle systems in Canada to keep them heathy for the future!
stink finger


Well there are many solutions for people like you, sport fishermen.
Why not have lakes with lots of hatchery fish and nicely organized, accesible where you can get your adrenaline hits.
Or just give you injections of adrenaline to keep you buzzed. Anyway on a serious note, we could be doing a lot more for all of us and plus prevent depletion of wild animals and their habitat. And I'm sure you wouldn't mind helping too. It's just that we don't have it in our consciousness.
It will develop.
Also you are out to lunch, how do you ever become a fisherman and not like to eat fish.
I don't get that one either.

I really think this topic is about giving back and making a difference. Instead of taking fishing all the time and never giving back. Make your moment not about the 4 sockeye you flosses but the 50,000 salmon fry you released or about the 25 pound spring you realease to go back and spawn.

I do agree with you 100%.
I dont really know how I got hooked on fishing and never liked to eat it! To each his own!(I guess) But its good to here from others with smart opinions, not just making a coment with out knowing what they are talking about!!!
Have a great time on the water!!
the great Manchovy

I like to eat Salmon and so I do.
It's how we feed ourselves around here. I release a lot of fish and i eat a lot of fish. maybe i'm not a fisherman maybe i'm a killer but i'm sleeping just fine.
I fly and spin. Hey catch me a sturgeon on the fly. I'd love to see the picture. But i guess there wont be a picture. Have fun on your high horse.

it must be hard for you to cast from such a high horse pal.

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