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Author Topic: Abuse of the system and no respect for the future of our fish.

I spent the weekend camping enjoying the sun, family and avoiding the crowds of the Fraser and other hot spots over the long weekend. When who should show up at the camp site across from us but a very prominant person that is very active on this board.

( Bad choice to display your pic as it made it easy to realize who your are)I will not name you as Fisheries now has your lic plate/s due to your poor choice of how many fish to have in your posession and brag to your freinds that you caught them out on the Fraser from your boat and you were going back again on Monday.

Out came your cooler from the back of the vehicle full of fish well exceeding his and his buddies limit.He handed out fish to some people, visisted for a while and left.

It blows my mind that guys like you screem about the natives and thier fishery , whine about Fisheries and closures and at the same time you are willing to place your self high up on an alter and preach that you are a fishing god, an expert and one who knows all there is to know about fishing.

Yes, you caught losts of fish!!! But it is &@#$%@## like you that will make sure that my kids will never catch a wild salmon and you will continue to force closures. I dought fisheries will catch you or even send you a letter but holpfully when you get to the gates of hell(you can fill in the rest.

If you have anything to say to me, You want to make some threats, your pissed with me because hopefully Fisheries took your boat, TOOO BAD!!! NEXT TIME I SEE YOU, I hope it is in court!

Why yell and scream that much if you are not going to show all of us who the guy is.
Just a waisted energy expenditure.

It fisheries does anything about this goof. I don't want to screw things in court if it goes that far.

Very new to the board and totally agree with following the regs, there is a reason for them, but I wonder who causes more damage to the fish stocks, commercial or sport?
One guy can take a few extra and maybe or maybe not get caught, but a commercial boat takes tons, and for profit!!
No offense to anyone here, but sometimes we really need to look at the bigger picture.

It(this posting) has nothing to do with the big picture it has to do with one individual. I fully understand the whole big picture system, downfalls, pros and cons. All I want to do is let this person know that they abuse, take advantage and have no respect for the future of fishing in the Lower Mainland and before they type another word on this site they should look at themselves before they name call, bad mouth and slam others. Like I said before I hope to see you in court!
Louis Vuitton

Phone the poaching hotline found in the Regs and Synopsis. Even though its not an out-of-season dear of bear, its still poaching. It's good though that the public still knows when to intervene and contact authorities when something is wrong. Its not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Go get 'em tiger.

byebye~ socks~!!

see you next year~!!

I rarely see people abusing the system as far as quanity of catch is concerned. I'm strictly a trout fisherman and the only people I can really complain about are the folks who use illegal gear. Generally they are unaware of the restrictions and more than willing to comply when given a copy of the regulations.

People have their reasons for doing what they think is their god-given right. I respect that.. to a point.

As recreational fishermen I believe it's in everyone's best interest to blow the horn on all poachers.

Louis Vuitton

Not to start a whole big thing again about flossing and shit, cause i dont really care, but I found it so ironic, and I actually laughed my ass off when I discovered that pre-rigged sockey leaders are called "cheaters" in the states. I saw a rack that had "cheaters" on them, and they were sockeye rigs. Oh, the irony.
shizzyisback like we do, take it upon urself ..the fisheries dont ever do shit..thats a fact...they dont care about the guy that takes the extra sock or 2 ..they want the guy draggin his net behind a 12 foot lund or the guy with a net under a logg boom ...ur pissin on a hollow tree bud ...:
the great Manchovy

Rule are rules and they apply to most of us... if people want to see more action from fisheries they should also be willing to help with the bill. There's a lot of water for a few guys to cover so with their limited numbers they should be after the boats with nets. the rest of us just gotta lead by example. As a hunter I am forced to take hunter training and therefore IGNORANCE TO THE RULES IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Fisherman training and learning to USE the synopsis should be the same. I'm sure not everyone agrees but there she is.

Fishing forum > Abuse of the system and no respect for the future of our fish.


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