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As I've stated before, I live a 3 minute drive from Peg Leg..literally.
Anyways..I check it out quite often and occasionally fish it when its not busy.

Well, today I decided to go for a drive down there to see what was going on. I wish I took the camera with me, but didn't.

I've never seen a gong show like that ever...not even at Peg Leg. This morning had to single handedly be the busiest I've EVER seen it. My estimate is that the entire bar was possibly getting close to 2000 people..all usergroups combined.
The entire channel all the way to the east end was packed. A person showing up now would have difficulty finding a decent run to fish.

How was the fishing? My estimate today was 1 fish on for every 40 to 60 lines at any given time. I've seen it as good as 1 fish on every 3 lines, on other days. The fish that were getting caught were quite small, with the odd larger one being caught.

Highlights of this mornings observations.

1. I saw one guy really excited about bring a fish in. He was commenting on how weird it was acting. He must of played it in about 12-18 inches of water 2 feet from shore for about 2-3 minutes. When he got it to shore, he was MOST disapointed to find he had hooked onto a 4 lb rock with his 5/0 hook.

2. A small boat with a (4hp??) engine was trying to shoot up the entire channel with 3 guys and gear in the boat. He ran over several lines and when the entire shoreline yelled at him to wait, he couldn't because with only 4 HP, if he would of stopped he would never got going again. Moderate to strong yelling and cursing resulted from this incident.

3. On the bottom end...the island on the east shore of the channel is showing and quite promenant. People are fishing on this island, and of course people are walking up straight upstream from the island to fish the prime water as well..Unfortunately, once you get so far upstream, you have to retreat all the way to the initial bank to fish. Unfortunately for the bottom fishermen on this run, unless they cast 200 feet out, their drift runs into the guys fishing just upstream from the island down below. Only minor yelling and cursing was resulting from this fiasco.

4. The boat launch.
People STILL haven't figured it out. This is NOT a 2 wheel drive boat launch, and that especially means Mini Vans. I don't believe 2 hours goes by without a 2 wheel drive high centering itself while trying to launch a boat. People never learn.

5. The boatlaunch part 2
The water is so low and now with the island showing, you'd think people would take extra care launching a boat. Unfortunately, people are now fishing this island and are not being considerate of the boats constantly going back and forth. Anyways...if I had known 10 years ago this fishery would exist, I'd be in the prop business right now. Someone or some people are millionaires because of prop sales from a result of stupidity at Peg Leg.

The boatlaunch part 3
The boat launch used to be one of the best fall fishing spots for trout...and currently still producing nice size hatchery trout. Today I saw a young person catch one out of the boat launch and give it to mom to cook. I was too polite to tell the little girl and mommy that boat gas, truck diesel, and oil, do not make a great marinade for trout.

Other highlights
A. Mulitiple people not watching their feet and slipping in the river.
B. People stuck in loose gravel.
C. Rods left on the main roads to be run over.
D. Gobs of fishing line, and hooks scattered EVERYWHERE.
E. People swearing and cursing at others.
F. I heard more languages today then I did in my entire school/college years.
G. Longest leader seen today was just over 20 feet. Biggest hook was 5/0.
H. People don't have tackle boxes or vests. The majority have a plastic Walmart bag of BBs, hooks, wool, and leader line. Its the only tackle they
When the sockeye is over, so is their fishing season.


For anyone to say this is fishing, is highly mistaken and doesn't have a clue what fishing is. This is a snagfest for harvesting salmon and nothing more.
Whether it should be allowed or not, I don't want debated in this thread.
I just wanted to state this mornings observations, and I have now done that.

Thank you,

stink finger

the fish are small because they fit through the nets this is not a fun fishery any more

I have spent the whole of sockey season in my boat on a lake any where away from the river, my freezers not full by any means but at least I still enjoy fishin'

Excellent writeup. Hope you consider posting this on other popular forums. Describes in an unbiased jounalistic way "a day in the life of Peg Leg".

Fishing forum > Peg Leg today


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