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heading up to silver lake on TUES 29th aug, any suggestions, how's the catch and release fishery doing up there? i havent fished silver lake in 8 years? also are the campsites on the reservation system only,or on a first come first serve basis?

went to jones lake aug 10,,, fish no where ,???? anyone fishing jones latley, what would you suggest...
also when is the best time to fish jones in the fall, end sept ? early oct ? last time i caught some fish there was in early june, all little guys 10 to 12" ,nothing close to the 16" legal limit. is there a minimum sizelimit for kokanee in jones ?

any suggestions would be appreciated,

tight lines


Was up at Jones on the Aug long weekend and found the fishing not too bad, mostly Kokanee, up around 1.5 lbs, some Cutty, even a small Dollie(not sure how that got in there)The Kokanee were all over our Panther Martins, (yellow body with black dots) and the Cutty seemed to like the shrimp we were bottom bouncing with. Both species were caught just off the shoal, in among the logs for some, and in the deeper water later in the day. We tried trolling, but had most luck just casting from our boat. Found that the wind really whips up in the afternoon, so get out at first light, and try again in the evening.

i went to silver tip the other we, passed silver lake, nice fly fishing for trouts in the skagit sites were first come first serve at least at silver tip
bass master 99

for cutties use a blue fox spinner topped off with either a real stickle back or a fake rubber minnow.

Hey bass master,

Is that for Jones or Silver lake for the cuttys,
I hear that they are really going for the sticklebacks this time of year.
bass master 99

For jones and yes they are going for stickles.
last year i was up there and my son caught some stickle backs in his butterfly net. So I hooked one up off a blue fox spinner and had a BIG hit in the first 5 mins. I looked at my minnow after the hit and half of it was bit off. After we only fished for about an hour and a half cause my son is too impatient. But we landed 2 one off casting into the shoal being 2 lb and the oter being about 10oz.(we realeased both for other people to catch)Oh ya and cutties pretty much everywhere in the lower mainland (more on the sunshine coast) at this time go crazy for stickle backs or kokanee minnows. hope this helps anyone

As per the Freshwater Fishing Synopsis page 9 under the section Rules on Bait
Fin fish...the use of fin fish (dead or alive)or parts of fin fish other than roe is prohibitted throughout the province, with the following exception: You may use the head of fin fish or the headless body of fin fish, only:
(a)when sport fishing for sturgeon in the Fraser river (regions 2 and 7 only), or (b) when set lining in lakes of Region 6 or in lakes of Zone A of Region 7.
I wouldn't want to get caught using sticklebacks for bait. Perhaps reading up on the regulations would be in order.
bass master 99

wouldnt wanna get caught for that.
what if you take off the head of it though?

Holy crap, what a great weekend of fishing @ Jones.
Trolling with a willow leaf & wedding band,
and I couldn't keep the fish off. No Kokanee, spawning this time of year I guess, but Rainbow during the day, mostly in the 12" range, but managed to catch a couple 15"ers good for the frying pan. Around dusk, the Cuttroat came out to feed along the shoals, it was literally boiling in some areas where they were feeding, what a great weekend!!! Threw all the cuttroat back, caught some in the 15"-16" range.
bass master 99

ive found that only smaller rainbows like wedding bands

The willow leaf & wedding band were by far the hottest this weekend for me, but I also caught a few on a Mepps Aglia, and an Apex trout killer with a single egg.
The Panther Martins weren't getting any hits at all!!!

bass master 99

Jones(wahleach)lake- trout /char daily quota 2 (none under 40 cm) Inches Centimeters
1.00 2.54
5.00 12.70
10.00 25.40
15.00 38.10
20.00 50.80
25.00 63.50
30.00 76.20
35.00 88.90
40.00 101.60
45.00 114.30
50.00 127.00
55.00 139.70
60.00 152.40
65.00 165.10
70.00 177.80
75.00 190.50
80.00 203.20
85.00 215.90
90.00 228.60
95.00 241.30
100.00 254.00

Oops, gotta watch that last 3/4"

Fishing forum > silver lake and jones lake???


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