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hey. im thinking of getting a shimano bait casting reel , i have the Calcutta 250 - calcutta 400 in mind. i was wondering if they are really expensive, worth the money, and if they function well

Guacamole, Berry's Bait and tackle got them on sale for $289 great deal. I think the regular price is about $400 for the calcutta 400. The Calcutta 400 has a very smooth drag and feels very nice too. You also might want to check out the Okuma nitryx reel another nice reel great price too about $150-170 cdn. Here's the link for the Okuma Nitryx reel

thanks alot . I actually went to berrys bait and tackle and saw all those reels on sale and all. i actually talked to guy from army and navy about my fishing rod being 9'6, and he said it is too "wimpy" to be on vedder. hmmmmm im thinking if this is true, he said i wouldnt need the Calcutta 400 but a calcutta 250 as it is not 10'6 , not being standard size, and will most likely snap.i am thinking if this is true, if i should spend alot of money on that expensive of a reel. can anyone help me out?

9 1/2 rod might be a little bit light for the fraser/vedder. 10 1/2' rod is good for the fraser/vedder. As long the rod says like a med/heavy action is good. I got the new shimano convergence rod and i think its a 10 1/2' med/heavy rod and its cast great in the fraser without any problems. I would definately go for the Calcutta 400 reel rather than the 250 because it holds alot more line especially if you catch a BIG spring


Vedder is a small river (don't need very long rod), but large fish are present (get a good reel with enough line). And be prepared to run downstream regardless of what equipment do you have

I heard white springs start to show up on Vedder. Seems like a little bit early, but is a very good sign!

Oh ok. as long as i can use my 9''6 inch rod, im fine with that. I was thinking of maybe returning it, paying 50 $ more and getting a 10''6 , but i guess that really isnt that nessesary for vedder and fraser. i can play the fish around

my rod doesnt say medium/heavy action. it says medium

test 12-20lb

uhh i think its test 8-15lbs. it says triline 8-15.

That's Ok.

damn. i was looking forward to meeting the requirements.

jeez this rod is getting on my nerves. maybe i should just exchange it for a longer one.

hey alex whats the difference between main line, and test line?? what does main line determine? and what does test line determine? if a rod has a 12-20 lb test line, do i put only 12-20lbs main line? mainline determines how much weight is stressed against the line before it snaps right?
Dyer Straits

Guacamole, go for the 10'6" rod, it is much better for the fraser and vedder. The difference between mainline and test line is mainline is the line that is on your reel and test line is the rating of the line. So 8lb test can theoretically take 8 pounds of pressure before it breaks. This can vary between brands of line ie. maxima ultragreen tends to be underrated. The line rating on the rod sets a guideline for what type of line the rod is meant for (mainline). If you have 50 lb. test on a rod that is rated for 10-20 lb. , it is alrite, but if you use that rod for large springs, it may not take the presure that is being put on it. Basically, the line you put on the reel is supposed to reflect the type of fish you will be catching, meaning that the rod is meant for fish that are caught with that type of line (12-20lb test) or lighter. You can put a heavier line on it, but don't go after fish like sturgeon with that rod...for obvious reasons.
so... you can put whatever type of line you want on that rod, but for the fishing you are doing, you shouldn't need any heavier or any lighter.

well dyer, i actually own the 9'6" rod. i bought it. its mine. so if there is a 20 pound fish on a 8 pound test line, it wont snap, as long as it doesnt fight. if it does fight, and gives 8 pounds of pressure on the line, it will snap. so what you are saying my 9'6" rod is fine for fraser as long as i put lets say ,, around ...... 25 main line, and as long as i play with the fish as i tire it out, and let the pressure off the line. is this what you are trying to tell me dyer? I am also going for all the salmon species, from pinks to BIG springs in vedder.


Looks like we're newbie at this. Have you gone fishing yet? Any luck?

Dyer Straits

Sorry for being so vague on this one...You can put an 8 pound mainline no problem on that rod but you must play the fish... If it is a 20 pounder, the line will snap long before the rod. Just make sure if you are fighting large fish, dont reef on the rod because the rod may break if there is too much pressure or the curve of the rod is altered (by holding on to the rod half way up and pulling hard). The rod will be just fine for the fraser and you are right, you will have to play the fish a little more, especially the big springs. I am sure you will have no problem with the rod. And yes you can put 25 pound on for the fraser.

haha king fish. yes were both noobs at this. i just started salmon fishing. im probably heading up to vedder this saturday. my rod is actually a 8-15 pound test line. the retailer said i can easily put 30 pound line. so i guess im fine. hows your luck so far kingfish?

abu garcia are the best reels in the world shimano is close but not a chance

Abu Garcia used to be a very good reel. Things are very different now - they changed something to the point they are no longer reliable. I burned two Abus. I am not going to give it a 3rd try.
Dyer Straits

Alex...what kind of reel do you currently fish with?
Dr. Rob

And, did you mean that Abu reels were once better made than they are now, or that other manufacturer's reels are now better than Abu's?


PS Just sort of assumed we're talking about Ambassadeurs. Right?

I know it's an old thread, but maybe it will be a timely resurrection for someone

My first baitcaster was given to me by my brother-in-law in the late 1980's. It was a Daiwa Black Widow. I couldn't cast a baitcaster for shift. Everyone else we fished with prefered them and they would tell me to switch from my Shimano spinning gear to a baitcaster. I would try theirs and walk away while they tried fruitlessly to untangle the birdsnest that I put in their reel. Knowing that I could fish for a while in peace while they worked on their rig. LOL

I was fishing with that same Black Widow last weekend.

I was really trying to get the hang of that Black widow by casting in the yard and not doing well at all. Then some guy stopped right in the middle of the road and said he knew what my problem was and showed me how to use my wrist. An hour later I was a baitcasting fool.

My brother-in-law fished a Team Daiwa combo which was a nice combo kinda high end for me. He was given a new one as a gift from his uncle. He gave me his old one and I was a Team Daiwa fan. Though I ran Berkley Lightning Sticks in combo with the reel. after awhile I broke the case on the reel somehow and when you set teh hook the case would open up and allow the spool to spin to loosely on the drag to get a good set. I couldn't find anymore Team Diawa reels. I had always bought up good deals and we all had many rods and reels. I fished Shimano Coriolis and Citica. I currently fish A Shimano Curado CU2000 though that needs to be rebuilt.

I use an Abu Garcia Ambassador 5000 on 8 1/2' custom rod that my brother Sean won in a local bass tournament. Both of which he gave me.

The current issue of Outdoor Life (March) has the 2013 tackle test. it is also their survival issue.

I have (3) 400 B's , love em

Hey John, thanks for your choosing about this particular fishing reel. Take on your specific activities with the superior-quality Shimano Baitcaster Reels. This apparatus is intended to drive and enable you to capitalize on your movements. With regards to Shimano Baitcaster Reels you never need to agree to anything short of the best.

They began with the objective of stable quality and have satisfied that name for the frequent decades and models in their creation line. There might be better reels out there however the edge is thin to the point that most fishers will never take note. Similarly as with every quality item, everything begins with quality materials. The aluminum, steel, and graphite that make up this reel have been thoroughly verified for quality.

The aluminum handle has double larger than usual handles for a lot of footing and interfaces with the spool through a one-piece aluminum outline. The lodging is made of a lightweight Hagane for included quality and the spool is a hard anodized aluminum and adjusted against vibration. All things considered, this signifies a lightweight reel that is an enjoyment to fish.

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