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Has anyone done any in the Okanangan lately?

bass master 99

But I heard it was good to troll a curly tail grub

Hi I lived in Okanagan Falls, 2000-2004 and had a Bass Blast in Vaseaux south fish every single time I went out I now less of a fisherman there as I live in Keremeos now and got hooked into the Rainbow Trout in yellow lake west side I miss the bass but will make a trip out there before the summer's end.

For sure man. How has the fishing been at Yellow lately? The last time I went, I got skunked because of that bad gas leak into the water.


Was there today, the one side of the river looks all gross and covered in algae / weeds but the other side is quite nice (by the picnic table if you turn off at the utility shed). Saw some fish jumping, but didn't catch any.
The Yak

Im going to be in Oliver for the 13-19th and will be hitting Vaseux (bass), Madden(rainbows), Sawmill (Rainbows) and Tuk-el-nuit (bass/Carp)

Maybe I'll see you guy there...

Tuk-el-nuit - Where's that one?

I'll be checking out some lakes tomorrow morning, not sure which ones yet..But still have my hopes set on bass.

if you do not know much about bass, learn from da best. have u guys seen the new bass pro in town LOL

Tuc-el-nuit is only good for carp. The bass have pretty much died off in the last couple of years. You probably won't catch nothing at Sawmill either. It got killed off BAD this year. Madden in the late summer and fall is killer. Ripley is pretty good too. Right now though, Vaseux is the place to go. Monsters are being pulled out of there steady with poppers and jigs. If any of you guys got any more questions about fishing around Oliver, just ask.


every day

Hey MCS, im not sure where u get your info, but im from the oliver area as well, and fish the lakes there extensively. As far as bass dying off in Tuc-el-nuit? doesnt sound very accurate to me? Ive had fantastic bass action there, lots of great size smallies in that lake, there is certainly no bass kill in that lake? And sawmill having a BAD kill? haah pardon me, but a few deaD fish in the shallows is very common there, especially after ice-off. lakes tough right now due to the beginning of turn-over, but should be great in a few weeks, lets not forget that this lake is full of trophy fish, so anyone who thinks that they can just jump out there and boat 15 fish a day is dreaming. those fish arent dumb, well presented flies are key in a lake like sawmill. and PATIENCE! and the guys catching all those monsters in vasaux are in the lagoons, where the bass are nesting, and as i look at my regs here, it clearly states that that area of the lake is included in the april 1 - june 31 spring closure! ive seen numberous people illegally fishing those lagoons, its a shame that people act that way. i know your just a kid but hey, people on here want accurate info, look into things a little better eh.

i used to go to vaseaux every summer and it was a blast. best bass fishn ive ever got into. i love how in alot of places in summer if you swim out over your head youll find boulders with only a foot or two of water over them you can stand on out deep. never seen another lake like that.
The Yak

I stay at Tuc-el-nuit every year and have a very difficult time catching bass. I've resolved to just work that lake for carp this year. What's the secret for bass and what part of the lake? I would think the docks on the west side would be good and some of the reeds at the north end. anything else?

Secrets can be emailed to me if you want

hey I wana hit up vaseux this spring/summer....where on the lake is a good place to start, and I heard it was a windy lake
thx'n tight lines

Ok, tucelnuit sucks for bass fishing. It's the grossest lake i've seen in a while, and the biggest bass you'll catch is 1 pound. Sawmill did have a VERY bad water level and lots of fish did die. Many things had to be worked on for that lake to make it through that bad drougt. However, it's quite good this year, opening day was decent. Lots of guys catching 2-3 pounders, but nothing overly huge. But back on tucelnuit....if you came to Oliver for a reason, it sure wouldn't be bass fishing in tucelnuit. Shoaly, you can stick to tucelnuit for bass fishing, i think the rest of us are going to take the 15 minute drive to Vasuex, or go to Skaha.

Me and a friend were at sawmill on teh 3,4 and 5th of this month, and did pretty well, on chronies and scuds. caught about 15 fish in total for the three days, biggest was around 7.5 lbs. couple others pushing 6, and the majority being anywhere from 2-4. the sunken island in the middle of the lake produced well. fished off that at about 14-25 feet.
bass master 99

get the kicktail lure and try that out, bass can't resist, even the big old ones take it with agression. if you don't know what the kicktail is just google it and you'lle see

Ya, i was also up at Sawmill, but on opening day. It was pretty good, and the best spot was just off of the big hump that divided the lake a year or so ago. Everyone was having decent action off of there on chronies and some scud patterns. I want to get up to Madden soon, the fishing there around this time can get pretty unreal sometimes.

Hey mcs, dont over look, ripley (bear) lake!! I know your from the area as well, so you probably familiar with it. Try fishing the two ends of the lake, as both have great shoal structure, and are close to the deep water which i find the bigger fish like. Especially the end you drive in on, just up from where the creek used to run, that shoal, drops off to about 70-80 feet, fish a green or red chronie, anywheres from 8-25 feet, u should be able to pull some close to 3 pounds outta there this time of year, people dont know it but theres some really nice fish in that lake. has a great mayfly hatch too! so watch for that in a few weeks! good luck!

Ya it's a killer little lake, and always gets fished pretty hard, but always seems to produce fish steady.

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