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Am i allowed to fish Surrey Lake near Guildford Golf course?

Go to Green Timbers just off 100th ave near 148th street. Huge trout in there. Caught one that was atleast 6 lbs. Lots of small ones aswell but there are big ones in there. Place doesn't really look like there would be, but trust me, there are.

well i actually went to surrey lake 2 weeks ago and i caught a 43 cm rainbow trout. my friend on the other hand, caught a 52 cm rainbow trout. believe it or not. where is green timbers? in surrey right?

I have fished Surrey Lake but am interested in tryin what type of lures or flies did you use for this lake?


Bill almost any power bait , whole corn
and grubs{plastic}never tried fly fishing
there but never fail you will all ways
catch three or four decent trout hope
this will help on your next journey there

can you use a float tube in green timbers or Surrey lake?which is more productive?what time of year is best?what flies?

sorry to bombard you with so many questions but i live near these two lakes

or is gear fishing better? what type of gear?

does surrey lake not have an age restriction? i thoguht that there was an age restriction of children under 12 and seniors over 65? thanks for any help

Hi Bud

I saw that steelheader wrote that they is green timbers and Surrey Lake, are they the same place? And Is there a age restriction at Surrey Lake? I bellyboat and fly fish so if there is no age restriction then by almeans I will fish Surrey Lake.

hi guys. there is an age restriction at green timbers but nobody really seems to enforce timbers lake is just off 100th and 144th st. in surrey. i just happened to be at surrey lake this morning and noticed plenty of rising trout on the is allowed and it should be an excellent fly fishing lake.lots of ducks and herons make this lake home.

ive fished surrey lake about 3 times, and the first time i went i had great succes caught about 5 trout, 4 really small baby trouts, and 1 humongous trout ranging near the 50 cm range if i remember right. i was just wondering if any type of trout fishing is good right now in december through to febuary. also i was wondering if cutthroat trout fishing is good at the mouths of rivers where its still salt water, despite anadromous cutties or just cutties. When i caught those trouts, i used a panther martin . id think rooster tails would work much better. after the first time i went to surrey, all the other trout i caught were very small. sorry for all the questions but i hope they get answered. and i hope what i told you about surrey lake helps. by the way you wouldnt want to take a float tube there. its quite shallow yes, very dirty and you would want to stay near where you park. there are lots of car break in's in that area no doubt about that. i caught the big fish, and had most of my success near the bridge . you cross the bridge , then beside the concrete slab things, it gets narrower and then becomes the lake. fish at the narrow area, thats where i had most of the action. John
The Yak

That it...With reports like that on Surrey Lake and the prospect of big fish...I'm in ...hope to see you there on Monday... Ill be in the pontoon boat with the fly rod..

Look for my report on Monday night or Tuesday morning

Hey Bud:

Are there two different lakes in Surrey? Green timbers and Surrey Lake or are they the same lakes.


there are two different lakes in surrey..actually 3. theres surrey lake off 152nd and 72nd timbers off 100th and 148th....and latimer lake off 28th and 192nd st near langley a.k.a stokes pit. the large trout you have been catching are actually brood stock that the hatchery throws in for extra size and because they have already been milked for egg production..they usually throw in 5 or 6 per lake.
The Yak

Actually I think im going to go on Tuesday instead... looks like the weather is going to be better then...
The Yak

oh well..didnt get out...when I do Ill report...hopefully in short order...

looked at latimer pond on the way home from the airport. It was frozen all over

i'm not surprised...latimer is actually quite high in elevation.i hope it doesn't lead to winter kill for all the small trout in there.

does surrey lake cotain any fish and if so where is a good spot on that lake to fish from and what to use on the end of my line could sombody help me out much appreciated

read the whole report in this section(from the beginning)

for green timber lake, does anyone know what the water depth is?
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

Hell i was there about 5 or 6 weeks ago. saw little trout and somethin that looked like a bass.
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

anyone know if you can fish the lake down the road from Stokes Pitt/Latimer lake? if so is there anything in there?

No you cant fish surrey lake i went there and seen this posting.

as far as i know you've never been allowed to fish Surrey lake... and Green timbers used to have an age restriction when it was first put in but pretty sure they got rid of it not too long after.

i fished green timber today and it is being over fished already and plus with all the birds eating the fish i think they should shut the lake down for abit just to give the fish a chance

Ok there is two different lakes is Green timbers just off 144 th and 100 th then there is surrey lake which is closed to fishing , I fish Green timbers regularly ...what happens at this lake people hear of the latest stocking there and catch 15 fish and kill them .!! so a week after its stocked most of the fish are gone .! It drives me nuts I wish this type of lake was catch and release and enforced

Very shallow ...deepest part of lake is 6-7 feet .

people need to stop advising to sue whole corn as bait to. i do believe its illegal and it isnt digested and tears them open and can die.
and the main reason i think of the lame fishing stock at green timbers isnt the fishermen so much as the tourist tossing shit in the lake and their dogs terrorising the animals...and fishermen there. and the limit is 2 fish so not sure why someone wouldnt do something seeing someone take and kill 15 of them when thats illegal anywhere.
and im sure that guys whole corn bait has killed many also

I actaully havent seen 15 fish killed at once I was exaggerating alittle, If I did see that I would definetly say something .!!!

carefull exagerating. gets people
Fishin' etiquette

I have seen people take undersized fish, and more than 2 fish. I've also seen the same people leave and come back to fish again. It's not the fact that it's over fished. It's the fact that people take more than allowed, take undersized fish and fish at night afterhours and after they stock the lake. Also if on any given day there is an abundance of fishermen there phone the parks board and say that you think people are fishing illegally. Once the parks board shows up over half the people leave cause they're fishing without a license. So it just goes to show that urban oasis's like this gem will be shut down because of people that don't want to properly follow the rules.
(I've also taken my kids there many times, only to have someone stand 2 feet from my son and start casting. The lake is big enough that proper fishing etiquette should be taken. If this was on the vedder or chehalis I would have thrown them into the river for pulling a stunt like they haw done to my kid.)

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