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My wife and I are going camping here and bought our oldest boy(4yrs)his first fishing rod. I've heard the fishing there is decent and was wondering what kind of set-up to use so that my son can land his first fish. We both have spinning rods. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Louis Vuitton

KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid: Seriously, a bobber and a worm is the best thing I have ever used for trout. No joke

Sounds good. We'll give it a whirl. I hear that you can rent a small boat up there. Would that be worth it or should we just fish from the peir and/or the shore?
Louis Vuitton

If you can rent a small boat, that would be good too as it will let you find the fish. If you can get one, troll a medium sized wedding band (chartreusy-green or red) set up but put the hook farther back by like a foot and put a worm on it. I've dont that trick tonnes of times and it works. If you use a medium wedding band, sometimes the fish get spooked and wont take the bait if the hook is right against the wedding band, so by having the hook farther back, the fish are still attracted and will come and investigate, and then take the hook that is farther away. Cheers.

Thank you very much. I'll let you know how it goes!

Fishing forum > Lac Le Jeune


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