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I'm planning a week long fishing trip to Prince Rupert from June 10 - 16. I'll be driving up, hauling my 17.5' malibu typee, since other alternatives such as flying, hotel and guide are in to the thousands.

Yes, I'm scared! It's a long trip to place I've never been before, and I' looking for any advise from best route, how and where to fish for springs, halibut, etc.

Any information from who has experienced fishing in Prince during this time of year, will be greatly appreciated.



I drove to Rupert last year from Vancouver. There are 3 main routes you can take:

1) Head out of Vancouver on Hwy 1 to the Coquilhalla (Hwy 5) up to Hwy 16 (Yellowhead) and follow it west to Prince Rupert.

2) Head out of Vancouver on Hwy 1 to Hwy 97 (Cache Creek) up to Hwy 16 (Yellowhead) and follow it west to Prince Rupert.

3) Head out of Vancouver via Hwy 99 through Whistler to Hwy 97 (Clinton) up to Hwy 16 (Yellowhead) and follow it west to Prince Rupert.

4) Optional Route Home: Take the ferry (if it is back in service) from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy (Vancouver Island) and then back to the Mainland.

Route 1 is likely the fastest in terms of driving time becasue the Coquilhalla moves quickly, however it likely the furthest distance wise (something to consider because of the cost of gas).

Route 2 is relatively boring (not much to see between Hope and Prince George).

Route 3 is by far the most spectacular drive in terms of scenery but will be slow going through Whistler (especially if it is a weekend) and again from Pemberton to Hwy 97 (mountainous).

Route 4 home has to be some of the most stunning scenary I have ever seen. The route down from Price Rupert was absolutlely spectacular. The other nice thing is you don't have to drive. So the route home really will consist of the drive from Port Hardy to Nanaimo (about 4 hours) and then from either Horshoe Bay or Tswassen to your house.
Keep in mind that the ferry does not run every day, reservations are STRONGLY recommended and it is an overnight sailing (may want a sleeping berth).

You will want to take your time between Terrace and Prince Rupert as it is some stunning scenary (it rivals the drive to Whistler).

As for fishing ... I stuck to the shore (there are plenty of rivers that cross the highway) and caught a Pink Salmon on every cast !!!

Enjoy the trip.

Thanks so much for the detailed info on various routes to and from Prince Rupert. However, i'm really hoping to get into some of the bigger fish (ie - tyee, halibut, etc). Were you fortunate enough to sink your hook into these giant slabs???

Thanks again,

You would really have to consult the locals on that (unless someone here has been there). I do know that there were plenty of people fishing in the inlets and there are boat launches in Prince Rupert.

In a boat your size you will really want to watch the winds. Check your charts and try to protect yourself from the winds. For Halibut Chatam sound look for muddy plataues, 150' - 200' deep there will be all kinds of bottom fish there, hopfuly a big Hali. Humpback bay and Eddie Pass are good for salmon to the south of Rupert. The mouth of the Skeena is where all the huge ones are headed. Farther out maybe for over nighters Stevens Island Dundas Island are all good you'll see the kelp beds on your charts and there will be boats fishing there all day. Realy watch the weather especialy the winds and study those charts, you may need to pack extra fuel to get out there, depending on your boats consumption. Watch the wind and the currents, especialy when your trolling, the rocks come up quick, a flag can realy help judge the wind. June may be a little late for Chinook but if your luck you'll hit late Chinnok and a good run of Coho at the same time.

Thanks Proudcnd and ahab for your input.

Ahab, could yoy tell what depth and gear is best for the springs?

Many thanks guys.

My reply didn't seem to come through post your email I'll tell ya more


ahab my email address is

thanks again.

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