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Rob G.

Heading to Knouffe Lake Wednesday night. I have never fished there before. Anyone have any tips on this lake?

Tight lines....
Louis Vuitton

Need more info first: What meathod are you fishing it (fly or s pin)? Boat or no boat? Etc.?

If you are heading there make sure that you bring some Knouff Specials. You can get these at the lake or most reputable fly shops like Berry's will have them. Also if you should concentrate on Chironomid, Mayfly, Damselfly and Caddisfly hatches that occur from May to early July. But definatley pick up some Knouff Specials like the picture. Below are some other flies and lures that work there.

Knouff Lake Special, Leetch, Damsel, Mayfly Nymph, Dragon, Sedge, Doc Spratley,

Froggy, Gold, Black & Silver

Willow Leaf, Ford Fender with worms

Rob G.

We will be fishing by boat...probably both fly and spin. I prefer to fly fish myself, and that's how I plan to fish most of the time. Thanks Nymph for the great tips!! I am going to Berry's tomorrow morning to pickup a few supplies and will be sure to pickup some of these flies while Im there.

Tight lines....

Was there last week the lake had just turned over fishing was slow the first two days,but picked up after that,i was trolling with willow and worms had great success the last couple of days fishing was good around the island in the middle of the lake average fish was about 12-14 inches

I have heard that over the last week the fishing has been good and is getting better everyday. I know people that fish there from May to October and they say it just keeps getting better. This weekend should be good because it will be warm and not to hot.

Hey Nymph or Fishmonger anything I should know before I head up there this weekend? I'm heading up with Rob G. It should be a good time. I hear that fishing around the islands and the shoals are the best place, any advice?

How was the fishing? Any pics?

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