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hey I just bought a berkley kodiak series pro select rod, and i was just needed to know something, where you put your fingers around, the grip above the bottom cork is backwards! it points up so it lines up when the hole pieces are pointing up too. whats up with at? anybody know can somone tell me , thx

This sounds like a standard baitcating rod setup. Does it look like this picture?

ya man it looks like that but that part on the handle where it sticks out right it is on the side as the round pieces where the line goes points up . u know anything about that?

uhhh bait casting? i can still use it for angling with artificial lure right?

Here is a photo of a typical baitcasting reel. When casting with this setup, reel is on the top of the rod - unlike spinning reel which is facing down (below the rod).

Another major difference is that baitcasting rod will have small rings (because line is released straight from the pin), while for spinning reels you should have larger rings (espcially the ones closer to the reel).

If you take a professional baticasting rod, you will not be able to physically attach a spinning reel (baitcasting reel has a very thin platform).

Baitcasting setup is great for casting heavier weights for a long distance. It is useless for light lures or traditional float fishing with a small bobber.

So, what is the size of rings along the rod?

well im not sure, but i was just wondering if it was good enough for lakes like kootenay lake, and the area in prince george. I never used a rod like this, i ususally used a spinning reel. can i use very small lures? and do i need bigger lures for kootenay and prince george? is the baitcasting reel good or bad? the setup .

Thx Alex

Baitcasting setup is my favorite for Fraser river fishing (casting or trolling). It works great for large fish like salmon. Expect to pay a lot of money for a baitcasting reel - those aren't cheap.

If you plan to cast lures I would strongly recommend to use a spincasting setup. It is specifically designed for casting lures (small or large - depends on the rod test).

ya well when i bought it , the retailers had said that it was for large fish such as fish in the kootenay range and around babine lake. i paid about 110$ with tax for a
Berkley pro select kodiak series. i actually intended buying that rod for big lakes, and big fish in lakes, but i guess that wouldnt work as i cant cast lures..... i guess i could try river fishing, but do you think the rod will hold up witht he weight of big fish? (it holds 20 pound - 30 pound line. i was told by the retailer )

the rings on my rod are small . very small haha. but the reel is on top ya i understand that, but the rings are upside down, as a spin cast rod the rings are pointint to the gorund, but on my rod the rings are pointing up to the sky. its hard to explain haha =-?

I have 20-30 lb test Shimano baitcasting rod. No problem lending 40-50 lb springs in the fast water!

As for rings - yes, they should point up as well as the reel. And the hook on the rod should point down (use it to prevent sliding of the rod out of your hand - very convinient).

What is the length of this rod?

uhhh im not sure its seems like a 8 - 9" rod . i saw the shimano rods but they were really expensive about 200 bucks right so i got the berkley one just as good =P
For Lure rods, what length of a rod would be appropriate for the koootenay range mountains? i want to try that place out! =P

Hey alex do you fly fish? i have a fly fishing rod i bought like 4 years ago when i was about 11 or 12 years old was it? i tried it out once and caught 3 pink salmon up at quatze creek Port Hardy. Lots of fun. was using dry line. i tried it at lake buntzen, didnt have any luck. i was wondering if wet line was good for lakes. i read in a magazine that a muddler minnow was a very excellent fly. want to try it out :P rod dont matter im guessing about dry or wet line. :P

Guacamole, hi!

Baitcasting rod 9ft long 20-30 lb test is a good setup. I don't have any personal experience with Berkley rods, but I assume their performance should be Ok. And if you paid $110 for both reel and rod - that's a good deal!

As for universal spinning setup I would suggest a spinning rod 9'; 3/8-1 oz lure weight; 10-25 lb line test. I am using Fenwick HMX and it is great for many diffirent occasions. As for the spinning reel - buy whatever is your budget, but make sure you have at least two spools. You may put finer line on the metal spool (for light to medium lures) and heavier line on the plastic one (medium to heavy lures).

Finally, as for fly fishing - this is by far the most exciting fishing method. There are 2,000+ flies to select from. You will need to select the right fly for every water, day of the year and even time of the day! Most of them should be presented in a special way to immitate the actual insect.

The easiest way to learn about which fly to use is to see what other anglers successfully used on this water at the same time of the year. That's where you need illustrated fishing reports, such as the ones collected by

Every fishing spot on this site has a dedicated section for fishing reports. Have a look. There is a lot you can learn and later share your experience with other anglers.

yea i took a look at them fishing reports they pretty good. how reports like that was actually composed. umm where should i use dry line? and where should i use wet line? and hey alex thanks for all the help !

Posting reports is very simple:

Step 1: Select the fishing spot
Step 2: Submit new report (sample - new report for Sasamat lake)

Use graphic interface to compose report:

a) drag a fish icon on to the map to indicate particular fishing spot
b) select attractors (bait/lures/flies) used, provide comments

That's it. And you can even earn money for your reports. No kidding. Every time a Club Member votes in support of a report, author receives a bonus from Club's fund.

Regarding your other question:

Floating lines are mostly used on rivers and sinking lines are used on lakes. In order to present your fly at a certain depth you will need different sinking lines (type I - slow sinking ... type IV - fast sinking line).

Occasionally, dry fly action may occur on lakes as well. Then you will use the same floating line on lakes as well. The best time for dry fly action is one hour before the sunset. Fish will raise to the surface. Also, there are some particular lakes that are very famous for dry fly action, such as Blackwater lake in Pemberton.

In fly fishing it is very important to keep records of insect hatches, so that you will know what is the best time to fish, where and how. Insects migrate from bottom to the surface to hatch. So there are wet/larva flies (and sinking lines) to immitate insects at this stage. Then, in transition - pupa (slow sinking lines) and finally emergence on the surface - dry flies (floating lines).

Tight lines and sharp hooks!

ahhh thanks alot alex. Yea i heard of blackwater lake. I aint that big of a rookie at fishing :P haha. im thinking of going to maybe near kootenay, manning park, you know lightning lake, etc. But of course after im on spring break or winter break from school. ill hopefully have my drivers N by next summer Lotta fishin then :P

so how long you been fishin for alex?

All my life

haha awsome ive been fishing for 11 years

i guess your right . ill try salmon fishing maybe next year... what kind of reel is reasonable for baitcasting? what kinds of fish are in the vedder, and peg leg? what kind of line do i need. and how much money was that Fenwick HMX spin rod alex?

I usually fish at 2/3 road richmond, as i am around there quite a bit. I catch everything there from Bullheads, tommy cods, and flounders. i recently got into freshwater fishing, and its quite exciting. better then catching bullheads everyday hahahh. is there any salmon there?

Sure, you can get some pinks there on spoons/spinners. Normally, fishing is better on the backup tide (1-2 hours before and sometimes up to 1 hour after the high tide).
Instead of fishing from the dock you hike 200m down the river and cast from shore (that's the only way to land the fish anyways, they are 5 lb on average).

The best spoons are Gibbs Ultra or Gibbs Croc - pink (sometimes red/silver) color works the best. Retrieve slowly. Some people use buzz bobms. As for spinners - Blue Fox (again pink color), but it is harder to cast far.

See the picture for a sample of a Gibbs Croc spoon.

good stuff alex! thanks man. is the salmon run over?
and how much are belly boats with the wet suits? and a reasonably good spin rod? just wondering

hey i found out more about my rod. 9'6 . trilene 8-15. Med. action river casting, composite graphite construction . I this a good setup for salmon?

Yep. You should be able to cast 2oz weights with no problem. With low water you won't need anything heavier anyways. Length - exactly what works the best.

This rod will be very good for all kinds of salmon, starting from Pinks and up to Springs.

:D:D:D:D:D:D just what i wanted to hear!! :D i should play i fish a bit since its 15 pound line, and hey alex. i got sinking line for my fly rod :D

I went to fishing store. saw the Shimano Calcutta 250 or soemthing. worth the money? 180$ was on sale for

hey guacamole i live in Richmond too.. i live very close to seafair plaza at No 1 road and Francis whats ur name and wat skool u go to?

oh u live near seafair? sweet. do you go to hugh boyd?

im in grade 11

u in grade 9

ya i go to boyd wats ur name?????

rather stay annonymous

cause ur probally a fag


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