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I just wanted to discuss something that I read in the BC fishing regs magazine. I read in there that You can't use a weight or float on a fly line. Has anyone had an issue with this before?

FlyBoy, I have seen that also. I believe it is how they classify the types of fishing methods. You will see that at certain time of the year on some rivers and lakes you are only permitted to fly fish. This is to give the fish a chance and help prevent to many from being caught. If anyone has more info I would like to hear it. This might be a good time to discuss some of the unusual regulations.

I found this from the regs website. Maybe this will help clear it up

artificial fly a single-pointed hook that is
dressed only with fur, feathers, hair,
textiles, tinsel and/or wire, and to which
no external weight or external attracting
device is attached. Two or more hooks tied
in tandem is not permitted. Where gear is
restricted to artificial flies, floats and sinkers
may be attached to the line.

I have heard that you can only put a weight or float on when fly fishing only is permitted and when the "bait" is restricted to atrifical flies only.

Just read this after my last post...

fly fishing angling with a line to which
only an artificial fly is attached (floats and
sinkers may not be attached to the line).

So i guess this might answer the question.
You can find that link here:

This is on page 8

thanks for the link Nymphmaster. I have been trying to find this all morning. Has anyone had an issue with this in the past? It seems that according to Nymphmaster's posts that the regs contradict themselves. Am I understanding it right? You can't use weights or floats unless the restriction is fly fishing only and only with artificial flies?

This is interesting. I had never heard that before. But i see it on the website. Is there any way to find out what the deal is with this? I would like to know. Sometimes a put a couple of split shots on my line to bouce it of the bottom. Maybe I'm too lazy to get out the spin caster LOL!

Are there any other weird regs I should know about?
fish on

The artificial fly only lake is rare, more than a c & r only lake. Lots of fly only lakes.
These lakes hold big bows for a reason

Here is a clip from an atricle I was reading:
Another good method is to use weighted flies, such as a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear or stonefly nymph, which can be fished with either fly or spinning tackle. Fly-rodders should use floating line with nine- or 10-foot leaders and strike indicators. Spin fishers should use casting bubbles with nymphs three to six feet beneath them. Cast upstream and across so that the fly lands several yards above where you believe the fish are lying. Try to have the nymph drift naturally near the bottom. Add weight 12 inches above the fly if necessary. Watch the indicator or bubble closely and set the hook any time it slows even slightly. (Before fishing, though, be sure to check that your local regulations allow the use of indicators and extra weight.)

Fishing forum > BC Fly fishing regs


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