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Hello All,

I headed out to Buntzen this morning, and here is what I have to report:

1) The gate to get into the lake area opens at 8:00am (I got there at 6:00am). The walk in was not too bad (about 2.5km).

2) The lake was absolutley beautiful this morning, like glass.

3) There was not a sole to be seen until after 8:00am when the gates opened. It was absolutley peaceful.

4) Fish were rolling and jumping in many areas.

I fished the south end of the lake near the boathouse and the dock area. I tried both fly fishing (chironomid, leeches, and wooly buggers) and spin cast (roe with a bobber) and had no luck. I could see them ... but they were just out of casting range.

I hiked the lake along the shore to the floating bridge (this area is very shallow). There were no signs of fish anywhere here.

Next time I head to Buntzen I will hike to the north end and try from there.

Seems if you have a boat or float tube you could do quite well without having to venture to far out.

I too have been to Buntzen a few times this past week. I fly fished from a boat all over the south end near the off-leash dog area right up to the half way point of the lake. Between me and two other guys fishing on the water, we must have pulled in over 50 trout. It started around 9:00am (before this time one guy said it was dead) and lasted till around 4:00pm. I stayed till 4:30pm but it was quiet at this time so I went home. So I can say the fishing is really good in the late morning if you can get out on the water whether it is a float tube or boat. One guy was using flatfish from a spin casting rod and just trolling it off the side of his boat. It seemed to work great for him. I was trolling a "Carrie Special" with sinking line. Hit over 15+ fish on that one fly all day.
Ok now hear this!!!!......... To all the guys who fish off the docks and along the rocks at Buntzen, you guys really need to get yourselves some kind of small boat or something because I have watched you guys for weeks now without even a nibble. Check the buy&sell, there are hundreds of 12footers or 14 footers or belly boats or kayak or something to get out on the water where all the fish are and the fishing is better. Im not tryn to putt any1 down, I too once never had a means of venturing out on the water, but after countless trips to the lake without fish, I get fed up and saved some cash and bought a boat. After that the fishing slowly picked up and today I am averaging 10+ fish a trip. I just want to see people have fun and get into some action out there!!!!

Here are a few pics of Buntzen on Tuesday....





All the fish caught that day were released. I C&R all the time unless I am taking one or two home for dinner. Please put the small ones back so they can one day be dinner for someone else.
Cheers All

Glad to hear the positive report Big_Bear, I'll probably be up there most of next week. If I can't get my hands on a boat, do you have any recommendations of what to use off the dock? What was your setup for trolling around?

I cant really give you any help off the docks as I never had success there. As for my trolling set up it was sooooo simple. I bought a $80 fly fishing set up from Bobs tackle in burnaby last year. It has a good reel fixed with sinking line. After that it has a tapered leader and at the end of that a fly. Spooled out my line behind my boat about 50feet out. trolled on number 1 or 2 speed with my MinnKota and just waited for the strike. Thats it.

I was going to head up to Bunzen Lake this Saturday. Having not been their before I have a few questions.

I have a new pontoon boat I want to test out.
Can't wait!!!

How far is the lake edge from the parking lot?
Will it be an easy launch for a pontoon?

I think from the above threads I will figure out where to fish & what flies to use once I get out.


It's a short walk from the parking lot (maybe 2-3 mins) but they also have a boat launch and a dock there as well so it shouldn't be too hard even if you do have to carry it down to the lake yourself.

You can drive down to the lake, drop off the boat and then park your vehicle.

There is a dock and boat launch free of charge.

Thanks for the info.

I will post a report next week.


Keep in mind that the gates do not open until 8:00am

Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to spending a day on the water.


i headed up there on tuesday and fished off the dock with a friend.....i landed 3 and he landed 1 with plently of bites.........we were just using a float and a worm.....i landed one that was 12 inches.....didnt know they had fish that size in buntzen......but ya the docks do work....i will go again this weekend and brings back pics

Was up on Sunday AM. First time at the lake. It is quite a nice spot with great fishing from the docks and from boats/tubes etc... (Gets very busy though)

Got to test the new pontoon. After working out the bugs I managed to land one fish about 12-13" on a black dazzle leetch. In 3 hours of fishing only 1 bite and 1 fish. Still beats working.

The Yak

Check out the seemingly rare cutthroat in the third photo.... nice work!

how can ya tell its a cuttie its kinda pink on the laternal line?
Louis Vuitton

The absence of spots on the gill plates im going to guess

Tones more spots.
The Yak

way more spots below the latteral line and the slight red slash on the lower jaw/gill plate.

Cant you tell from looking at the other fish caught? This one looks totally different


That catch a release pic is one of my favorites
Too Cool!!!

Thanks spooner!

Also notice that the mouth extends well past the back of the eye = cutthroat

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