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green guy

im getting myself a islander steelheader reel and im torn as to what rod i should get.hoping some of you can help?

its between a loomis and sage.the loomis feels better because of the faster action, the sage feels like a big noodle?

im told that the sage is better because it is easyer to cast,but im also told the loomis is better for a fast hook set.

im also unsure of length. 10.5 or 11.5 foot?

it will be for river fishing steelhead coho ect.

i woud realy like to hear from some of the older guys who have used alot of gear on this one.

many thanks!!
Louis Vuitton

A stiffer rod would result in a faster hookset, yes, but noodle rods are very popular among river steelheaders and salmon fishing. The best way to find what works for you, is in all honest, rig one of the rods up and play with it. Ask your tackle store to put on a reel and tie on a weight to the end. Waiving a rod around in the store won't really show you much cause its not in a realistic circumstance. You dont fish with just a rod and no line or lure. Also, ask the shop guy dude to apply roughly 'x' amount of weight by pulling it so you can feel what it would feel like with a fish of 'x' amount of wieght.

Also, river size, speed and the surroundings can make a difference on the type of rod and its length.


Fishing forum > buying a new rod??????


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