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Hi all, I'm heading to Tunkwa for the May long with some friends. I have heard that the fish have been starting to come up and that the water has warmed a little. All the reports I have heard so far say that the fishing has improved over the last 2 weeks. I know that this lake has a reputation as a good trout lake with fish that hit hard on the Chironomids. I am hoping that someone has some suggestion for me as to what I should be fishing besides the Chironomids - or if anyone knows of some good Chironomid patterns that I should use.

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Tunkwa lake bosts some of the biggest midge hatches in North America. The americans that come up here are used to fishing midges on tailwaters and are used to throwing out #16-20s. Not so on this lake. This lake hosts "bombers", which are huge (for midges, that is). Google "Brian Chan chronomids" or something there of. Brian is a staple name in the game of chironomids. As for other patterns, micro leeches as well as various damsel and dragon fly nymphs should be on the menu.


LV - thanks for the advice. I have a big list to take to Berry's now. I spoke with a guy who fished Tunkwa yesterday, he said there was some luck with blood worms and green, black and sliver Chironomids. I think I'll take a selection of everything and see what happens.

I have friends that just went to Tunkwa they said the fishing has been real bad there. It snow last week and the nights have been cold. They had some limited success with bloodworms but only when the sun was on the lake. They left and went to some of the other lakes and had better luck. Go in june and the fishing should pick up. There are some other lakes in the area that have good reports. If a talk to my friend I'll ask what other lakes they went to. I guess it has just been a little to cold there.

Went to Tunkwa 5/11-13, dreaming for 8 lb Kamloops trout. It was very cold and disappointingly very poor fishing.
Blasting hail(!) on and off during most of 5/12. Heavy frost all over and thin ice on 5/13 morning.
Didn't see anybody was having much luck at all. All I got in 2 and a half day was 3 small ones(13-14") on candycane chironomid with strike indicator.

It was my first time out on Tunkwa. The lake is shallow and the bottom seems quite weedy, so dragging leeches, damsels, etc. on the sinking line without snagging weeds was difficult and it did not seem to be a right way of fishing there. Can someon please advise what the best way of fishing there as I am planning to go back there next month. With the weather warming up I am sure the fishing will only improve.

By the way, on the way back to Vancouver, I tried to go to Murphy Lake but, guess what, the access road was still under a foot of snow and my 4WD wasn't able to make it to the lake. Another disappointment.


Ponta, I'm sure that you will agree, don't bother going until mid June. I was there this last weekend and dispite the weather the fishing is bad. I go to Tunkwa often. I left early and won't return till mid June. The fishing should be good by then. If you are going up there to fish for the May long weekend you may be wasting your time. Try some of the lakes a lower elevations. I'm going next weekend and I'll repot back how the conditions are. Some guy told me the it had snow earlier in the week at Tunkwa. As for what to use: make sure you bring a selection of chironomids, black, green, red, and silver. I have had some good luck with silver chironomids with bead heads. also blood worms should be good from now into the next little while. Nymhs are also a must have. Doc spratleys have also been good in the past. So good luck with the fishing. If it is bad drive to some of the lower lakes and try them they have had some good reports. Let me know how they are.

Well I am going to take a chance this weekend with Tunkwa. Hopefully the weather will be nice. I know the lake has a good reputation for some story telling size trout. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to fish the first really good weekend - fingers crossed. Anyone else headed up there? I know that all the camp sites are booked so it should be a little busy. Does anyone know any lakes that are in the area that I might be able to fall back on if Tunkwa is a disapointment?

Here are some lakes to try Flyboy. These are usually good to fish and the trout can be exciting.

Logan Lake
Paska Lake
Dominic Lake
Duffy Lake
Face Lake
Dairy Lake - 3lb plus fish and the unnamed surrounding lakes are well worth your time.

Pimainus Lake - has wild trout that put up a good fight but usually no bigger than 2lbs

Most of the lakes above are within minutes of each other. A good place to start is Paska Lake and go from there. It is a nice trip if you can fish a different lake each day.

I have to agree with Fishmonger. Those are some decent lakes to fish and some are at lower elevations. I might just head that way this weekend. Someone let me know what the weather is like a Tunkwa I might try my luck at some BIG fish. I've been told not to be surprized when an 8 pounder takes your line for a run.

Hi all! Just spoke with some guys that came back from Tunkwa and they said despite the snow that they had a little while back the fishing is starting to get good. How you ask! Well i'll let you know after the weekend. I'm fully stocked and ready to rock - I'm hunting for monster trout.
Rob G.

A buddy from work was there all last week and I heard the lake has turned and ready to go. He said it was really cold in the mornings and at night. He said the fish are holding on the shelves during the morning and early afternoon feeding periods. They are catching fish on chronomids, Im heading there tomorrow afternoon for May long. Ive got my new Sage ready to go and brought my spinner as well just in case. I will update when I return, anyone else with new info, please post.

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Hey flyboy and Rob G good luck up there. I hit the lake yesterday and some of the other lakes in the area erlier in the week. I'm staying in Merrit so I may head up again for the weekend. I caught a 7lb with a silver chironomid on a long leader off a float line. Just put a strike indicator on and wait. pull in the lin as slow as you can. I also had some waterboatman i pull a couple 3lbers of the top with this when it was sunny. Leeches also worked well. I got 5 2-3lbs with leeches. I also had one take off with my line. It felt real big. I'm guessing there is a big pissed of fish in that lake. Have fun maybe I'll see you on the lake. Ask for NymphMaster
Rob G.

For sure Nymph...were heading up today at noon. Leeches, chronomids are ready to go. Hopefully well see you up there!!

Tight lines....

Bringing this to the top:

Has anybody been to Tunkwa lake or the resort there? I've seen their ads. on FWR and it looks fun. They advertise as 3.5 hrs from Van, but google maps says a touch over 4.

Also, it looks like fishing chironomids works best; however, I don't fly fish. Can you use a chironomids fly on a spin reel? Under a float? Sorry about the nube question.


no problem fishing chironomids with a float/spinning rod.
check out tunkwa lk resorts web site. always has up to date reports.

Like Cagey said,you can use spin gear .That said, you should consider a cheap fly combo.I honestly believe it's easier to fish chironomids on the fly.Tunkwa is murky, so long stealthy cast don't matter .Just flail around till you get the hang of it.Olive body with a gold bead has worked for me in the past.
As far as the resort goes, nothing fancy.But you get what you need.Tunkwa is open range and IMO , not the prettiest .Wind is usually a given
When are you thinking of going, might change the menu

it's about time you got a fly rod. doesn't have to be expensive .

Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

Yes, I have seen the resort fishing reports. I didn't know if they should be taken w/ a grain of salt considering the source.

No plans on trying fly fishing anytime soon. Everyone tells me I should get into it, maybe next year, we'll see.

I might be heading up to Tunkwa around July 1rst. If not then, maybe in August. Does it get to hot there and the fish turn off in the Summer?

go the first of July. It can get awful hot up here in August and the fishing can get tough. When the sockeye are open a lot of the Tunkwa lk guests hit the Thompson for their fishing.
I've read the reports on the resort website for both hunting and fishing and have found them to be reasonably sounding. lots of times it will say the fishing has been poor which I doubt they would put up if they weren't trying to provide honest reports.
As for a fly rod, you had better be very good and maybe Santa will keep you in mind. Maybe taking Santa out for will be worth it to find a nice set-up under the tree. you will enjoy it. make sure your son gets one too . never to young to learn !!!

Thanks Cagey for the advice. You are correct about their fishing reports. Not all are 110% positive.
Probably be up there right before July 1. If I don't make it then, maybe I'll wait until second half of September. Maybe it will cool down by then.
Ya, everyone says I should get into fly fishing, we'll see. Maybe my 8 year old will get a fly rod this Xmas and I'll see how he likes it.

Heading up to Leighton Lake on Wednesday for 5 days. We may fish Tunkwa on 2 of the days. will give you the honest low down when I get back.

Nickers: Great! I would like to hear a report on both lakes. Thanks.

Just back from Leighton Lake.
Sorry Fetoid did not fish Tunkwa as the fishing was to good at Leighton.
Fishing overall was great, lots of fish caught.
Green Chromie w/ red butt chironomids size 14 worked very well during the day in about 8' - 12' of water. For the night bite did very well on pumkin head wolley bugger trolled (rowing)on a full sink line.
Fish size average was 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 lbs

The bigger fish were caught on the pumkin head.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the report! May I asked where you camped? The Provincial park? How was it?
Thanks again.

Yes, we camped in the North Campground. It was $ 16 a night. Not many trees for tarping up.

Side note, Ranger Dave who collects the money sells fly's and has a great selection. Also sells firewood.

Great, thanks again for all the info.

I'll know by tomorrow morning if we'll be heading up there on Saturday the 28th or Monday the 30th. I noticed the park does not accept reservations. I'm hoping it doesn't fill up w/ the holiday being on the 1rst.
Thanks again for everything.

Just a quick report: We showed up the afternoon of Monday June, 30th at Leighton Lake Provincial Park. We were really surprised that we could get a lakeside campsite that close to July 1.
People coming off the lake were saying that the fishing was great, up to that day when it just stopped. Over the next couple of days nobody was catching anything.
I'm guessing the best time to go is the last couple of weeks of June.

fetoid, it is dependant on the weather but generally june is the best month . it can vary greatly as the weather changes. if I recall the barometer was all over the place june 30/july1st. maybe that is why you bombed out.

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