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Bought this motor brand new in 2004, its a Honda 9.9hp 4 stroke short shaft
Pull start, comes with gas tank & hoses. I have used this motor about 60 hours in fresh water only.
This outboard is amazing, alot of power and excellent on gas.
Practically brand new condition. Selling because need money for school.
pics available upon request. email me at
$2400 obo

new lower price, need to sell this thing now!


Wow way too much they sell at the store brand new for $1699

MRV ... I would hazard a guess and say that negatively commenting about the price of something someone is trying to sell is bad etiquette.

Seems to me that they sell for much higher brand new:

I think you get the idea ...
The Yak

Ya dude... that's bad form..

Just to clarify. I paid just under $2800 for the motor.
It is in MINT MINT condition.

hi Big_Bear,seems like a nice motor but could u send me some pics and tell me what boat does it ran?
thanks my email

email sent, thanks for your intrest.

sold. thank you.

if i were you id ask 1500... unless you stole it


Fishing forum > FS- 2004 Honda 4stroke


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