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Author Topic: How's fraser spring going now?

Anyone tried??

I'm planning to go landstorm bar next weekend.

Any suggestion guys??


Your car will be towed if you park at any of the places. Warning have been in place for quite some time. Landowners aint to happy. Go to pegleg instead

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yeah~ I've been both bars before, so I know the stuation there.

I was just wondering that the chromers already up there or not.

Has anyone tried for them??

Please let me know!

The Yak

I think most people know my name here. If they dont its Doug Blessin.. I dont care who knows.

general sturgeon

come on guys lets seriously not get into native bashing and all that crap and whats the big deal with not having a offensive name just change it man the site was doing well and then these yahoos gotta sign up and take away from it. i wont bother mentioning it again but i really enjoy the site which kinda makes me take the jerks to heart. just change your name dude or better yet just ban the guy yak


stink finger

landstrom is not that far of a walk from the bridge less than the scale bar.i have found this bar to be good when the water is up

They were catching some chinook up Lytton area and hooking some up Spences Bridge area Thompson/Nicola River

Already up there??

I tried landstorm bar the day before yester day, and didn't get even one bite.

Still very slow.

May be next month??


not too familiar with the region, but any springs in Chilliwack on Fraser?? I was there last year and it was awesome! to get to it you have to pass Island 22 or something.

Islans 22 is doing decents right now for springs

any good places to fish off shore or is it only off a boat??
The Yak

BRAVO252... The Thompson is closed to all fishing right now... Please check your regs

I'm living in lower mainland and not really interested in

Thomson area. I don't even wanna go there~!

I was just wondering lower fraser around Chilliwack and

Hope. Ah~ I didn't post about the Thomson area.

I'm gonna try landstorm bar next month.

Thanks any way~ guys!
Louis Vuitton

Hey, is it possible to catch them along River Road area at all. I have a river fishing set-up and stuff (no, its not a bar rig) but like, i use it for steelheading and beachcasting for coho) and was wondering if i rigged up a spin-n-glow and a few beads with yarn and chucked it out if its possible to catch one. Any info would be great.


Just hang that spinning glow out there if it's spinning fast it's working, it can also be very surprising how close to shore you can get those springs in the right place expecially with the river high and raging the way it is now. The toughest part is trying to find a place where nobodies bottom bouncing.
The Yak

sorry Bravo252... my bad..
Louis Vuitton

Can you land a spring on a steelhead/coho set up, or will the spring destroy me? I always see barfishing rods and reels really big set up on the river banks and Im def not using that stuff cause i dont even own it.

no problemo~ Yak!!

now I know Fraser has grown, but is there anywhere a good spot for bottom bouncing or any other method for salmon fishing without a boat??
Louis Vuitton


Fishing forum > How's fraser spring going now?


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