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Hey, im new to this site and i found Glacier lake on that map. looks like abit of fun getting to. im plannin a little trip sometime soon with a buddy and was wondering wat kinda fishing glacier lake has and also fire lake. any info would be great.
kokanee King

Glacier lake is WAY lower in elevation than Fire and will be ice free now but fire will still be iced over. Both of these lakes are on my fish one day list. I am sure you are aware that it is a LONG drive from the lower mainland. The Pemberton way is longer but the road is better. Cheers.

Ps. there are Koks in Glacier so if ya go give a report please.
Louis Vuitton

Depending on whats hatching, stick with Chronimids (that is so spelled wrong, haha) and baitfish patterns as the fish will be hungry.
general sturgeon

man i love those hard to get to lakes i want to get to this one in lumby called to moons lake but the drive up is a doozey winching all the way but that means lots of fish cause not alot of people go

Fishing forum > Fishing Glacier Lake???


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