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I've heard that some bass have been pulled out of Vaseux in the last week. Has anyone here caught any and what did you use?
The Yak

yes but i dont know what was being used just know they were caught on the fly

Hmm, I see. Well if anyone has any more information it would be appriciated.

There are a couple of good spots towards the south end of the lake. There is an island down towards the south where the houses are. The west side of that island has a decent drop off, lots of small bass. The other good bit is in the channel that leads to two small lagoons at the very south end before it turns into the river again. I've used a worm and float and just let it drift through the channel about 3ft below the surface. Worm and bob seemed to do well for the smaller bass, you will probably have to get down a little deeper for the bigger guys. You can access the channel from a boat launch hidden in between the houses, you can wade over to the channel along the frontage water, there is a small irrigation pump house, just passed that is a good spot. The area off the island will require a boat or tube. Ive also fished just off the boat launch are with a lure with some success.

when i get back from vaseux, i will tell u the hot spot

Just to make you guys aware, if you werent already, the river channel and lagoon at the south end of vasaux are closed!!! The area from the old train bridge pillings downt to the damn, including the lagoons is included as part of the spring closure effective from april 1st to june 31st. im not the law and i cant tell u what to do, but have some respect, the area is closed for a reason, so leave it be until it re-opens on july 1st.

pumpkin seed salted worms are deadly

Holy there shoaley, maybe you should take your eyes off your reg book, give them a quick rub, maybe get the boogers out of them, and see that some posts are a year old.

year old or not there young lad, that portion of the lake is closed this time of year. Every year, lol. So maybe you should think a little before you post, with your usual mindlessness.

ok....well thanks for the reminder.

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