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Hey folks, I hope you're all having a good winter.

I bought a 9ft 6wt fly rod (floating line) last spring and struggled to find anywhere to fish with it. I do not own a boat, so I tried shore fishing in the summer at Jones Lake, White Pine, Buntzen, Coquitlam River, and Alouette River. Using a variation of wet and dry flies.

I had no luck at any of these spots and felt quite discouraged after doing hours of research and book reading on proper fly fishing techniques to ultimately struggle to find a decent place to fish. It felt to me everywhere I've been has been a poor place to target fish on a fly rod.

I live in Coquitlam. I'm willing to drive/hike a fair distance to get to a decent spot to learn how to fly fish (from the shore). Does anyone here have any advice or knowledge they are willing to share? I haven't been able to find an answer searching on Google and Youtube.

I'd love to go to an area that is suitable for fly fishing where I can spend this year learning. Instead of wasting my opportunities like I did last year.

Cheers guys, and I look forward to chatting with you all.

Get yourself waders and a float tube! Way easier to learn to cast out out on the water and not getting your line wrapped around tree’s and bushes. When I first started I found a cheap belly boat and old waders on Craigslist for super cheap. Good luck!

Check out gofishBC. Lots of resources to find places to fish.

Local lakes such as Lafarge, Rice have all recently been stocked with catchable trout and usually have location where it is relatively easy to cast.

the best fly fishing techniques for these fish are to use a sinking line or sink tip and to strip small leech or bugger patterns.


Lafarge is a really great spot for learning fly fishing. It's crawling with trout and relatively an easier spot comparing to the other spots in the region. It's definitely my second favorite location after Kalarritikos River in Greece. My brother has a property in Greece close to the Kalarritikos and we usually fish there. Such a great nature and lots of opportunities... If you ever try fly fishing abroad you must definitely go to this location.

If you’re just looking to catch anything and don’t mind the species I would highly recommend going for northern pike minnow as they can be quite easy to catch, especially on the fly. Pick a sunny hot day from August to September, try a green woolly bugger with a good amount of shine on it and they won’t be able to stay off your hook. I also live in Coquitlam and have fished almost everywhere in the lower main land and found that cultus lake, stave river mouth, buntzen lake have proved the easiest lakes to catch for me. Goodluck & looking forward to pictures!

Fishing forum > New Fly Fisher Question!


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