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Hey folks, I hope you're all having a good winter.

I bought a 9ft 6wt fly rod (floating line) last spring and struggled to find anywhere to fish with it. I do not own a boat, so I tried shore fishing in the summer at Jones Lake, White Pine, Buntzen, Coquitlam River, and Alouette River. Using a variation of wet and dry flies.

I had no luck at any of these spots and felt quite discouraged after doing hours of research and book reading on proper fly fishing techniques to ultimately struggle to find a decent place to fish. It felt to me everywhere I've been has been a poor place to target fish on a fly rod.

I live in Coquitlam. I'm willing to drive/hike a fair distance to get to a decent spot to learn how to fly fish (from the shore). Does anyone here have any advice or knowledge they are willing to share? I haven't been able to find an answer searching on Google and Youtube.

I'd love to go to an area that is suitable for fly fishing where I can spend this year learning. Instead of wasting my opportunities like I did last year.

Cheers guys, and I look forward to chatting with you all.

Get yourself waders and a float tube! Way easier to learn to cast out out on the water and not getting your line wrapped around tree’s and bushes. When I first started I found a cheap belly boat and old waders on Craigslist for super cheap. Good luck!

Fishing forum > New Fly Fisher Question!


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