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Are there catfish in green thimbers also what about bass i heard rumours there was

Hi Josh there is Lots of bass crappie sunfish carp and catfish in that pond also Central park and Lost lagoon is full of bass carp catfish goldfish sunfish and eels too,all of those species are Invasive, just get a bobber and worm and in late may till sept Bobber away fill your boots with as many catfish as you can

to the people saying there are carp crappie catfish sunfish and bass in greentimbers, i have been to green timbers probably a hundred times and never once seen anyone catch or caught anything other than trout. do any of you have recent photos of them being caught? I realize it may be rude to say but i just havent seen anything like that pulled out of there ever

If your fishing for trout on the botom than you catch just trout , no pics needed get your gear for all the other species and go fishing, all fish dont bite power bait, hopfully that answers your qustion Bommardo

what kind of gear are you using, ive tried every bait from live worms to bread, spinners to jerkbaits and never seen anything but trout? im super curious cause its close to me and id love to have some fun there.

Small float with cronomid or worm , at the parking lot in that front area when its hot cast twards the other side in the weeds about 5 feet from the shore, people were taking lots over their limits but like I said may till september, srry mispelled yer nam -tight lines

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