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Author Topic: getting botherd by a drone at free side camping and fishing at Coquihalla lakes

Hi last fall a drone constantly bothered my camping group at the free side of coquihalla lakes, it came and went from the lodge side all day , It was very annoying and wondering if any one has had the same experience at that lake , we didnt catch a thing but seen huge schools of red shiners

Also two very drunk guys were ripping by on a quad at 3 am acting very drunk he said he was Mark and bad things happen and stuff goes down at night, we all laughed at this mark guy who looked like Chebby chase crossed with Bill murrey , we all burst out laughing when he approached our camp fire and fell into it , Im sure Im not the only person out there that has encounters these Bizarre things at the area, any stories would be awsome

That same kinda bad action has happend to many people over the years a grey drone comes then a white one buzzing all around the free side camp they always go back to that Lodge,,Mabey the new drone rules will make them fools change there ways

after many hours of drones bothering us we found the operator of that pesky white drone that was coming to our ice fishing hole, we hope he follows the new drone rules!!!

thanks Blue boy thats the guy that came across the lakes from the cabins and said the channel doesent hook up to the big lake so we couldnot fish There , he was mouthy and His Name was Chris thats the drone flyer , Im guessing they think they own the whole area and also own the lakes like the Silvermere lake people do , Free camping side has nothing to do with them but they bother people with drones and also come by with 4 weelers and dirt bike drunk

Wow I thought I was the only one who had this happen at the free side of Coquihalla lakes , Next time phone the cops and press charges!!!

Wow what a bizarre bunch of events but this is fact - Chris,Lenny and Mark Pull that goofy action all the time up there ,The snowmobiles make a massive messes putting Snowmobiles in the lake, Those Lodge Owners are the Biggest Hippocrates there ever has been , If you run into them again Call DFO and put a complaint in that they are Above the LAW and they think they own the whole area, those man to constantly threaten people and try to scare them , last week at the snowmobile shack Lenny told Wilfy to call him when I got there so he could assault me, Do not support these Clowns and their Inbreed GOOFY way of thinking thanks Mark

when we go up there this time we will be putting in Paperwork on all of them and getting the DFO involved ,such a beatifull area wrecked by Greed

Before you guys get your knickers in too tight a knot you should find out what DFO stands for.
Something "fishy" about this thread. Bet you the moderator is watching closely.
Chris the Coconutt

Hi Just wondering if the lake is Ice off anyone droven by to see, heard there was a shiner bloom in there last year any big 10 pounders left in that 8 foot pond?

Fishing forum > getting botherd by a drone at free side camping and fishing at Coquihalla lakes


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