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I'm hoping to make it down to visit and was thinking of trying the stave in some spare time. My questions are is there any place easy to launch a 12 ft aluminum boat and what are the parking restrictions. I used to fish the islands around the trailer park. Are you allowed to park there? What about up by the dam?

Cagey, there is currently no boat launch on the Stave.

I haven't parked fished there this year yet. Last year parking was restricted, yet still somewhat possible, on the west back. On the east bank, there is parking but due to dam construction you have to park and walk a ways


What clarki said.

I think the closest launches are Mission, Haney Marina, Fort Langley, but i'm no expert, I don't even own a boat.

At this time of year you should be good anywhere from shore, just have to contend with the evil masses of bottom bouncers, etc.

The east is a little quieter because of the walk, and there is unlimited parking below Hayward and Keystone.

I'm hoping to find someplace to throw my 12 ft aluminum in so I can get away from the hordes. I have a plan but will have to wait to see how it works. It has been a few years since I was down in my old stomping grounds.

Fishing forum > Stave River


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