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Hi can any one say if its looking like a early spring up at Coquihall lakes ice off, gillis lake ice off or boss lakes ice off-- would like to do some fly fishing soon

I would not hold your breath! The groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter didn't he? (and based on the weather I believe him!)

i think spring will be early, but, maybe not for the higher up lakes. lots of areas actually have higher than normal snowpacks, which is good.
the good thing, is that the big lakes are always open, and the fish are bigger.

Gearbox, it must be warmer/more spring like in Merritt than up my way. It keeps snowing and snowing. And despite predictions of warm weather it stays below zero. Like you say though the big lakes are open.In answer to the original post, think May 1st. Lower lakes come off early April.

yup, +10 and +11 on Friday and Saturday. snow hit this evening though again. i'm thinking low down it will get nice a bit earlier this year, but up high, it just always seems to be the same. kinda like the rut, everyone always asks when it will be this year, well, it's pretty much the same every year.

They keep saying it is going to be plus 10 BUT it stays at minus 1 and snow then it snows some more. If it doesn't quit soon we will be shoveling snow for months! I've been living in the Thompson Okanagan since 1980. This is the snowiest winter yet by far. Fishing seems like it will never come!!!

thanks guys its snowing up there in coldwater and is cold i thought it would be a early ice off--may 1st souds like the time it just keeps raining and snowing --thanks for the input guys tight lines

A little too cold for fly fishing this morning....minus 15!
Two years ago the ice was off the local lake on March 5th. Last year was April 5th. This year is looking later than last year but things can change quickly. Sure hope they do!

In the top of the coquihalla its 164.3 cm , at the road to go to boss and others its 35 3 cm its 9- 12 minus,, and keeps snowing that warm weather had me fooled , man I wish it was ice off and spring

I was up in vernon at my dads its cold and looks like may or june ice off

Only minus 14 this morning!
As Gearbox said, ice off is just like the rut. It happens about the same time each year with the odd exception like 2 years ago.
The ice will come off the lower lakes in early April with the higher lakes early May. Far too long !

ya its -14 16 and big accidents on the coquihalla -lakes are frozen solid- its looking like a late spring

here's shocker though. I killed a mosquito last week. that has got to be a sign.

You were in a deep dream! Minus 18 here this morning. Every spring we have 1000's of red wing blackbirds invade us. They were here by Feb 5th last year. Not one so far....they know something? merrit way feasting on mosquitoes!

I swatted it just by reaction. but then I had to look again, to make sure it was what I thought it was. yup, a skeeter. I was in my garage working on fishing stuff, had the heater on for a few hours. but I have no standing water in the garage, where it could have hatched from. where else could it have come from?

Its Getting colder and colder ,I cant belive it it was warming up , now its going backwards --man this is draging on,untill these upper lake ice off there is nowere worh going too because there is no big trouts

there's lots of places to go for big fish. big lakes. plus they fish better during the winter than in the summer.

Fishing forum > warm weather up at Gillis lake and boss lake


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