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in the new regs can you use triple prong hooks in lakes now? Ive seen lots of beginners using them and some times two tied to gether with bread and worms on them

I just now saw this in the regs after reading your post:

single hook … a hook having only one point.
(In contrast, a treble hook is a hook having
three points on a common shaft.)
Note: use of a treble hook is permitted unless
“single hook” is specified.

Using treble hooks is popular for trout fishing in the States. Years ago I heard somebody say that studies have shown that single hooks cause more brain piercing (when the fish bites down) than treble hooks. I'm not sure if that's true.

Either way, it's an interesting change to the regs.

without looking as to what has"changed" you have always been allowed to use 3 prongs unless specified.Am I missing something?
(now I will have to look up the new regs. LOL)

I have since reviewed the online regs and can find no change.
Question for the poster: why would you want to tie 2 3 prongs together other than to increase chances of foul hooking something?

Fishing forum > triple prong hooks


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