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sharphooks moderator

I notice there are a number of new members recently which is great.
What is not great is a number of posts have ben bragging about bottom bouncing and bonking everything in sight including, it appears, fish that are not legal. There has also been a fair bit of ridiculing other members. I will give a warning right now to members, new and old, that these types of posts will result in your membership being deleted. Now lets talk about fishing!


If you check the IP and/or Proxy IP address: you might find that the "new members" are all the same Troll that talks and misspells the same way in each post.

Also, all the photos posted by the "new members" are pulled off of the internet and/or other web sites.
For example: the photo posted in the "strange fish i caught in Silvermere lake on the Highway side in summer" string is taken from the site. I Googled: "images of bluegill fish" and it came up right at the top.

Shame really, it would be nice to see some new, but genuine, members.

yes, too bad they weren't for real. we need some new but good blood.
I was wondering how many people will be heading up o Coq. Lake to try their luck ice fishing for those nice big trout.I'd be very surprised if a boat did not work better than an auger but I could be wrong.

There is a guy who posted up on BCFR showing him ice fishing for bookies near Merritt in the Kane Valley!

And again I suspect it was not this year. I live 1000 feet above Chase and the lakes are ice free. I doubt Merritt is much different. it was minus 15 for a few days and the ice started to form then it snowed a bunch and got warm.

I see the string I referred to in my above post has disappeared.

Here is a few more examples of fake pictures posted by the "new members" troll;

- The two photos posted by "On The Dry" in the "Merrit lakes icefishing" string are both taken from "" (google icefishing for trout images).

- The middle photo posted by "On The Dry" in the "Hi im a newbie-want to bobber and Worm" string is taken from (google rainbow trout on wikipedia or images of rainbow trout).
The bottom photo posted by "The Captain" in the same string is taken from "" which is a brown trout caught in 2015 (in new zealand).

- The photo posted in the "yellow Perch in lowermainland" string is taken from "" (2nd row if google yellow perch fishing images).
sharphooks moderator

Thanks for your work on this. I have deleted a bunch of stuff. If any of our friends come back they will be one phoney post from being banned. Amazing what little kids do for kicks!!!!

these may be fake, I haven't seen them, but, people have already been ice-fishing up kane valley this season.

Hi, I keep trying to contact someone through the sharphooks e-mail given from the "Contact Us" button, but all my e-mails keep getting bounced back. How can I contact someone about changing a listing on the website that's out of date?
sharphooks moderator

If you want to post your concern I will see that the message gets passed on.

GallagherLL, try contacting Alexander Gruntsev (site owner) direct at and if that doesn't work; you could try phoning or writing him using snail mail.

Fishing forum > Welcome new members...but!


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