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I just got a 6 wt fly rod and im thinking of taking it out maybe next weekend, im wondering if thats a good idea, also what flies, i should use

Gray , not meaning to be smart but if you want advice give more details. All we know is you either live close to the Vedder or have transportation. Do you have a boat? How far do you want to travel? What type of line(s) do you have? (makes a big difference what flies you use if you are fishing a sinking vs floating line or something in between). As for your question, it is always a good day to take your flyrod out if only to practice casting. Check out past reports as to what worked at this time of year or go to a decent sports shop and ask a few questions. If you have a good supply of flies, just go some place and try fishing. Ask other fishermen you see what they are using and watch what they are doing.....JUST GET OUT FISHING (wish I had time today to follow my advice!)

If you have no boat, there are lots of places to fish the rivers right now for cutties. The Harrison, Vedder and Stave are all worth while. Minnow imitations should work.
Like I said, if you want good answers ask good questions. There are lots of members glad to try and help .

Depending on what you are looking for your best bet would be the following:

Find your closest stocked lake.

Go here:

you can also check when it was most recently stocked.

Use a 6 ips sinking line, 9 feet of tapered leader to about a 5-6 lbs tip and strip a olive leach pattern.

If that does not interest you, as Cagey says, you need to provide more information on what you are looking for, location and what equipment you have.

You guys are right. I was a bit to vague, I live in surrey and am very new to fly fishing and could use a lot of advice. As for your other questions I have a small dinghy and floating line.

See KNN's post re:lake stocking. Find some place recently stocked.I am sure there are some close to home.
With a 9 to 12 foot leader you can drag a leach around even with your floating line. maybe a tiny slipshot weight to get it down if trolling slowly. It is a good time to try the local rivers too as I suggested.
Check past fishing reports as to how various members did and what they used. The main thing is get out there and fish then report back what you did and how you did . Someone might be able to offer suggestions. Good luck.

Also you can catch this with a fly rod!


Very nice and pretty unusual on the fly. what was the fly you were using?

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