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Hello all. Nice to see fishermen/women helping each other out. I've been doing the usual salmon and trout fishing for years, and would like to try something completely different for a fun change. Can anyone recommend a good carp spot in the fraser valley? I've heard there are some good sloughs and swamps full of these fish but I haven't been able to get any specifics for these waters, such as driving directions, and water access. I'm guessing that much of these carp fishing areas must be surrounded by private agricultural lands??? Thanks in advance for all and any information!
The Yak

Try Debouville Slough in Port Coquitlam. It's got Carp and Bass. Start at the end of Cedar drive and walk the dyke from there..

Thanks Yak. I'll try it out!
fisher 696

Check back to Jan. 22 to see a posting about carp.

The Debouville Slough... is it the ponds by the gravel parking for the dikes? or is it further up, by Minnekhada park.

Can't believe i've been living 12 years by Cedar and didnt know >_<.

So,......has anyone been De boville slough recently??

Is it productive now??

Sloughs at Pitt Meadow are very slow now, and need find a

new spot.

Also sounds very interesting about bass.

Please let me know if anyone been there.
The Yak

It really needs to warm up a lot before the bass will bite... you pretty much have to drop it on their nose now to get a strike

can you actualy eat these carp? If so what are the like to fillet? and how do they taste???

No, atleast I wouldn't eat a carp. However, I have heard of people canning peices or pickling them. Becuase of the food they eat of the bottem of the lake, river or stream, it makes the meat less "fresh" and good tasting. Sort of like a fish duck and say a Malard duck, their diet changes the taste.

[quote]It really needs to warm up a lot before the bass will bite... you pretty much have to drop it on their nose now to get a strike[/quote]

oh good another place with bASS in it. Oh well I guess I could go get some fertilizer and food for the racoons.

Try the Sumas River. Take the freeway east and take the #3 Road turn off past Abbotsford, go over the freeway and continue on to the end of the road. On your left is a little park on the river. At the far end os the park there is a turn around and some parking. Fish off the bank of the river there, I have seen some big ones taken there. Also after you go over the freeway you can turn right onto the North Parallel road and follw it up to the Barrow Town Pump Station. Drive over the dams and you will see a clearing on your right along the shore. This is also a good place to fish for carp. Do not fish on the side with the tower as when the pumps come on water sprays out of the top of the tower.

De bovill slough is not very fishable right now.

I was fishing there few hours today, and water's too low.

Can't see any trace of fish too.

Better try there a month later.

Ruskin Dam has a lot of carp also. Big ones to. Find a pool and there will be carp, but you'll hook a few pan fries first...

I haven't been there in a while so check the regs...

carp is actually ok to eat i caught one at buntzen lake and deep fried the filets

HI CArpies. As an Ex UK Carp Fan Its great to see the interest in a very Powerful fish Pound for pound will give any trout a thrashing. Carp in the fraser Valley range form a few ounces to 50 pounds in local waters Just about every Slough of the Fraser system holds a FUG boat sized Carp. Some are Fickle and you can drop a bait on their nose and all they do is move an inch or so. MY All time BIG Carp producer is DEROCHE Slough HWY 7 to 20 km past Mission turn back down the North Bank past the ( was called)Big E restaurant. find a spot with a clearing in the Milfoil and cut through the vegetation to get to a spot you can keep out of the FISH EYE view. USE very light tackle a float with no Weight let the bait sink on its own. you can fish 6 inches from shore but do not move any vibration of the bank will spook a Carp. Average size I've caught 10- 25 pounds and one of 47 that took over 40 minutes to tire out. Action is fast one hour Pre Dawn to 10 Am then go have a few bears come back at dusk and stay till 2 or 4 AM. Carp are mostly nocturnal but can be caught all day. In the UK we can change to other species as the sun traverses the horizon. Baits LIVE Blue bottle Maggots. Find some road kill that's being consumed by them. Worms. Bread crust for surface feeders NO weight on your line (UNSLICED crusty bread is best.) Line 10 pound test stiff rod. $4-6 hook and for teal finniky feeders as small as a #16. but do not strike too soon you will just drag the hook out .
CARP will SUCK the bait in and Blow it out to test it Be patient. If your using a dough ball from Bread or Potatoe. Partially boil some small pieces of potatoes, Works un the UK.
Be very patient. with DOE Bread baits. Fish are scent feeders try making Bread Dough with real orange juice not water you can try Blending it with Cheese, that's a killer. Cherries if the area has cherry trees that overhang in season.
Best season March to April they bread in April to June so do not feed. June to mid October they go deep[ as the water temp is cooler.

A bait I have never seen used in Canada but one no UK fisherman is ever without. They will catch EVERY FISH IN A FRESHWATER ZONE IF you have the ability you can grind up some road kill of scrap meats in a plastic bucket leave it for a few days and the flies will congregate. punch holes in the lid to stop for Flies getting out capture as many as possible and let them go to it. the holes should be small 1/64 of an inch add new meat once a week the chrysalis will be your new Flies change the lids for one with maggot sized holes in and turn it upside down over a new container with some cedar sawdust in it. a few ounces will last for a good days Fishing . IN the Deroche slough you will catch some cutthroats and some Salmon on Maggots .
THE smell is not very appetizing I recommend doing this far away for properties. Once started you can keep it going Once in sawdust they clean up nice and its easy to hold them to hook them up. THEY DO NOT BITE! IF you find a wasp nest you can often find the maggots but be careful I have done it once but getting stung is a risk and Paper and Black wasps can sting bad enough to harm you. I know I bumped into a Black wasp nest and ended up unable to breath after over 200 stings .
I miss my Fishy friends from the UK
sharphooks moderator

Very informative post about a much ignored fish. Those big old carp are a lot of fun as you say.
Welcome to Sharphooks!

Fishing forum > Carp fishing spots in fraser valley??


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