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O.K., so i check my local reports and talk to guys who fish the local lake and they say "fish powerbait", so I go buy a jar of the stuff and am instantly transported back to my childhood playing with pay-doh, my questions is : How the heck do you fish with this stuff? I get more stuck to my fingers than my hook, when I do get some on the hook it falls off when I cast, and floating!?! This stuff don't float worth a damn, I see guys bringing in nice size trout that were caught on powerbait and I ask how they rig it and all I get is looks that make me feel like I don't know squat and should be ashamed for even asking, I am taking my wife fishing for the first time in about a week and if powerbait is what is working and will let her actually catch a fish then that's what we'll use but I haven't the foggiest about how to fish with the stuff...I know this is a dumb question but really, any help would be more than greatly appreciated, thanks ...
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try using the power bait that is already pre-formed, minimizes handling. If you are using the stuff in jars, dry hands help. Don't over work the stuff, just form a pea sized ball & stick yer hook in. Jigging gently or bobber will extend the life of your bait. Don't expect to make a 40 yard cast & have it stick on for too long. Hope this has helped.

The best way to fish powerbait is to attach it to a hook with a couple feet of leader and sink it down to the bottom with a 1 ounce weight. The powerbait will hover a couple feet above the bottom like this and caught 2 16 inch and a 15 inch rainbow.

Nozzy there are no stupid or dumb questions ... just idiots that like to think they are above the rest that won't answer your really good questions.

Think of it as a fishing rite of passage ...

As for taking the wife fishing, my advice is to find a heavily stocked lake in your area. These lakes tend to have smaller fish but you are much more likely to catch one. Because they are smaller you get a lot of beginners fishing these lakes.

If you wish to keep your wife interested in the sport it is imperative that she reel one in ... no matter the size.

Once she has hooked one she will likely want to come back for more.

Most people overlook using a worm as bait. My wife insists on using them (of course I have to put it on the hook) but she often catches one before I do.

Good Luck !
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Worms are rediculously good as bait. We went up to Anaheim lake up near Williams Lake, and I fly fished, of course, but my dad and my sister just used worms and a bobber and caught sheeeeeeet loads of cuttbows. It was rediculous. It got to the point where it was like "nah, put that one back, the next one will be bigger".

well since u brought up worms is pink rubber worms good for steelhead??(below ruskin dam?)

I honestly do not think there are steelhead below Ruskin. As far as I know there are Cutties and Whitefish.

is the fishing good there right now?? im going there this weekend :D

Fishing forum > Dumb newbie question ...


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