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Which of the two lakes is better,which one has more fish, which one has bigger fish? If we were going to fish one of these lakes, what should we use?

I would say go Buntzen, more fish in there for sure and prob better chance of gettn some than Sasamat.

i went to sasamat got a few bites but no fish

What do I use?

Lol, good question. If your fishing from a boat, then use a wedding band with a worm, and definitly use a small spoon/worm. I had used a bigger spoon there once and had many bites but couldnt land em due to the size of the spoon. If your fishn from the dock then I see people use plain hooks with powerbait with a bobber and its about 3 feet from hook.
Good Luck

If I want to spincast, what lure do I use?

Dude, I just told you what to use. Use a wedding band and a piece of worm on the end. AND buy a small red/white spoon about the size of a loonie. Put a little worm on the spoon too. Throw on about 2 or 3 split-shots to get your lure out far and semi deep. Those trout like to follow lures from the deeper water and they will follow the lure for a little while before striking. Just jerk your rod (lol no punn intended) a bit to piss em off. GOOD LUCK MATE

About ten years ago I saw some fellows fishing from the shore of Sasamat(SouthWest point). They had three 4lb rainbows laying on the ground. I could never lad one in my inflatable. Just a nice rigourous tow for a few minutes and out pops my Werner Shrimp fly.

Buntzen - I catch mostly large white fish for some reason. Awsome tasting but too many bones.

Both lakes are way to public for my liking (in the summer anyway). And they close way too early. I like to fish into the twilight.

Went to buntzen today and got one in the boat and lost 5 and had too many bits to count. We were using flatfish with nothing on them. The orange one produced more but the green abd the blak ones had some action to. We would paddle around in front of the docks and the dog beach and when we saw them sureface we would cast right by them and get a bit every cast. It was much fun and were thinking about going again tomorrow.

Caught this rainbow at Buntzen today trolling the flyrod. Used sinking line and a yellow bug pattern. Got him in about 25' water close to the dock.

Both of these lakes have just recently been stocked. Sasamat with 1000 catchables of Buntzen with 700.

hi , can somebody tell me where these lakes are located?
The Yak

In Anmor

aka po co.
take L hwy towards po co, turn lrft on Ioco Rd. Go straight, follow the sighns to the two lakes.
Or just google it.

aka, IOCO

another day at bunzten, another fish caught. Same method as before on the same fly.

Can you post a picture of the fly?

this is the fly.

Buntzen Lake was good today. Droped line around 11:00am and trolled around the the first Island and the second. No bites for about a hour in, then started to land some fish. First trout was about 10". Was caught with same fly as abouve and released. About a half hour later caught another rainbow about the same size, released. At this point I changed flies to a leech pattern and trolled again. Within 10min landed a keeper.
About 5 or so guys out there tryn there luck float tubing. Seen one guy land a rainbow as well. Its picking up!
The Yak

Thats a good size fish for buntzen must have been there over winter... sweet hook-up dude..

Thanks Yak

Went to Buntzen yesterday afternoon. (mar,25, saturday) and trolled a orange flatfish. Caught one the same size as save-on-fish. However while I was playing another fish my knot came undone and I lost the fish and my lure. I swiched to a red wedding band with a worm and got some bits but didn't land another one.

P.S. we released the one we caught for others to catch.

both lakes are fun. on the fly i like buntzen in november 17 inchers and fat on a wolley bugger near the pen caught 3 that size and a 22 inch rainbow on the same fly i used the black pattern cant remember the size but it was about 1/4 inch in lenght
bass master 99

i went to buntzen with my friends and we were just casting off the dock and caught suckers.
actually if you have a small kid then take him and cast a worm off the dock and retrieve a worm semi slowly with a small hook and just use split shots.
I had some fun with my buds and I caught 18 fish!
although they were all small a fish is a fish.
oh ya and has anyone nailed some cutties.
cause i think i could try for one.
bass master 99


if your fishing from the docks fish ont he botom with yelow and orange power bait that floats works great garanteed a fish
bass master 99

how long does it take to catch a fish though
The Yak

thats a pretty odd question
ask the fish....
bass master 99

Lol good one
But my past experiences with power bait aren't the best.
and has anyone tried a lure off the dock
bass master 99

dropped into buntzen yesterday at around 5:30pm.
right off the bat while trolling around the island got a big hit then nothing for around an hour. after that I caught a tiny sucker and that was it. saw many rises but nothing bit. I used a blue fox spinner with a worm and trolled around 5-20 feet deep.(I changed my weight a couple times). I ve been to buntzen about 4 times now and I havent caught 1 rainbow

Last time I went to Buntzen we were trolling for about 5 minutes, then I got a big hit and landed a 13-14 inch rainbow. I was trolling a orange flatfish (smallest size they have) Then we got nothing. They started to jump in big groups for about 1 minute and then pop up somewhere esle 5 minutes latter. So when they would jump I would cast my orange flat fish into the middle and let it sink some then reel in. About 5 seconds latter there would be a hit. We did this about 5 times and every time there was a hit. They were about 11-12 inches long. But when I was reeling in one it snapped my 3 pound test and I switched to a red wedding band with a worm and got a couple more hits but didnt land any. That was the most prductive day of fishing at Buntzen that Ive ever had.
bass master 99

how deep aprox do you troll?

We trolled from a canoe and close to shore and only had a couple split shots, so about 15 feet deep.
bass master 99

I noticed that they were jumping in groups as well.
Are they like schools of small rainbows or something.

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