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I am considering going lake fishing tomorow. I always fish Allouete, Pitt, Weaver. Where else could I go with a small boat & motor? How are the lakes towards Whistler doing?

Does anyone know if there is a boat launch at Brohm Lake?

How many boat launches are there at Buntzen Lake?
The Yak

there's only one at buntzen

No launch on Brohm lake but it,s nice spot from the rock,East end of the lake.Nice rainbow trout.

You have boat launch on Alice lake (beautiful) electric motors only

i went to sasamat lake and i got a couple bites but no fish

Took the boat to Bunzten Lake today. Trolled around the 1st Island and northward. No bites. Lost a $6 troll on a snag. Anchored beside the Island just past the dock where about 3 guys were fishing and casted spoons & spinners and worms for a while. A small bite here and there but no real action for anyone. Nice day out and did see trout follow my lure right up to the boat but they did not take it. Wonder why?
The Yak

Looks like a bit of a convention going on up a buntzen... heheh

Ya Buntzen was a fish-out that day. Everyone tryn there luck for trout. Going out there again Sat.

I'm going to Allouette lake tomorrow too. My friend is trying out his zodiac and motor he just got (I'll have him fishing yet). His old 200$ Honda 100 is going to conk out for sure so I'm bringing my tugboat - HF250 with an Endura 46 to rescue him. I'll probably get swammped. Never been on the lake only up the river.

Good excuse to get out fishing.

Hey dustyir, how was your trip to Allouete? Let us know. Hope it was eventfull for you.

Hey Bear - Absolutely gorgeous day! Lakes a bit big for my electric infatable but there was very little breeze. Risked it and spent the majority of the day exploring. Freaky log stumps in the water!

I still get shivers from things that lurk under the surface. Like the 30 foot rock in the middle of Norton lake just a foot under the surface (west end). I was camping all alone at the lake since all my buddies are/were nonfishing/noncamping daytrippers. My little kids boat (hf250) is framed so i can stand on the floor i made and also handle the 45lb motor. I worry a lot about my motor being ripped off and shredding my chambers since i have remote steering and speed controls (with super slow adjuster - i can't leave anything alone).

So I like to scout lakes out first as best i can.

Once again I feel the perfect carbon/kevlar boat spinning away in the back of my mind. Love playing with the composite stuff. Specially CF.

(I hope you guys/gals don't mind my blabbing cause there's more...)

My friend tried out his new used zodiac and honda 100 (20 years old). Motor wouldn't run with the cover on and there was some oil leaking out. Motor starts easy but stalls out with the cover on. Loud too. Good otherwise. Came to the conclusion that there's an exhaust leak somewhere low in the "bilge" and it's starving oxygen from the carb. We're both pretty green to outboards (I only played with them a bit way back in the seventies at Kalamalka and North Barrier lakes).

I think he's hooked on the boat thing now. Cars, dirtbikes, boats and now fishing very soon - yay!

The fishing?

Tried a green doc spratley and a leech with green (because I'm an idiot sometimes). Never seem to have enough flies. That and I was lazy.

~ Hmm. I had stayed up all night trying to sober up so I could drive home after watching my brothers band at the Commodore. One of their songs is called Lazy lol. Too many free drinks pushed on me! birfday presents and wicked concert toasts. Glad i had a nap saturday - been up for let's see 33hrs ~

At about 3:30 i dragged my Wolfe nymph for 15 minutes on about 60ft sink line (with the same old 3lb tippet still) though a hatch of light brown thingys (couldn't focus). It was about 200 ft from the South east shore. And too lazy again to change line and try a more suitable fly. Didn't see any rises. Probably too early still. Still very good to see.

I don't know why i bore youall with the personal stuff. I have a new blog for that and pics of the day.

Ah copy/paste BLOGs DONE. This should bore all those early 20's girls that visit away. But they seem to like my BC bushman type pics not my verbage anyway.

Cheers! (no not another!)

Can't attach - page timed out. pic too big. Darn there was a few good ones. Here's a pic of a helmut visor i made instead. Can't buy them so i took a mold off a buddies...

I'd like to change my username to Finnegans_Wake. Stream of unconciousness. lol. Shut up will ya.

Fishing forum > going fishing tomorw


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