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I heard that there is an early run of s=chinook in the fraser is this true?

Coho Cody

yes it is. the river opens may 1st

theres also a special vedder chinook that comes into the vedder in late february.its only a few thousand fish . if you catch one of these please release them as they are a special genetic strain.and yea they are closed to retention. Some oldtimers i've talked to say they seen chinnok being caught in the lower fraser year round.

wow.....what a fish!
The Yak

Looks like the mouth of the vedder?

holy shit what a fish

is that you el-nino?




Now that's humbling
kokanee King

For the dude who dislikes Rodney it sure is!!("Humbling")
If you want to start slam'n people why not go to that "other site" (and I don't mean Rodneys) were most of the hard core jerks post weekly/Daily (not all or even a majority of them are jerks there but very few posters there ever call out the self righteous asses, Dan being a notable exception)and challenge people there. I am POSSITIVE that you will get responses there. This site is more 'easy going' and WAY less clickE. Lets try and keep it that way. Cheers.

The Yak

Dude you're posts and your name are offensive. Expect me to delete them all.

I know who you are too so please stop making me do more work than I need to. I have some respect for you outside this forum so please dont ruin it by getting me pissed off.

Now back to some positive posts on this thread or i will delete the entire thread.... PLEASE!

The Yak

well you better stop and do it on your own site instead of here. I dont have time for this anymore. If you have a beef with rodney then take it up with him. Stop pissing me off with it because im not going to let it continue.

The Yak

It doesnt matter. You cant use this board for your own vendetta against anybody. You do it because you know i cant delete your account and because of that you are taking advantage of me, this site and the members who are in good standing. We dont have policies hear saying you cant show photos of people with their bonked fish, or the same fish caught twice or whatever.

I also know who you are talking about and regardless of whethere or not they do what you are saying it matters not he because it's not illegal. I dont care if you think it should be or not.

The Yak

You are taking advantage and I'm not going to let it continue. Further more, I dont need to email alex about anything on this site, and I dont appreciate you teling what to do. He has left issues like this for me to take care of.

No more posting for you as I will delete them all. I'm not going to take this crap anymore. Your sole purpose is to stir up shit and that is not what this site is for.
fisher 696

Atta boy Yak, this went on far too long. Either post decent threads or go away.

still unemployed eh felix? I know...... it's frustrating. Maybe ian can help u out.

When i post a thread asking for advice, i get 0 replies. And this is a "hot thread". Nice forum
The Yak

Thanks for the constructive critisim
The Yak

SO when do you guys think we are going to see the first Springs rolling in this year?

It's my goal to catch one on the fly this year... How about you?

Fishing forum > Salmon season


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