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I've lived in Oliver all of my life, and fish the river in the summer. It has been getting slower and slower in the past few years. I was wondering if anyone knew some good spots to fish for bass and rainbows?


smallmouth dont like clear open shallow water, never beendown the river but my advice, wait till the end of september, and be on the water before the sun is up or go now

MCS, ive fished that river for years, and id agree its been slow the past few years. Probably due to the lower water we've had during the summers, now the river doesnt open until july 1. But if u can get up to the Mcntyre dam on opening day early like, before anyone, and work your way down to the creek mouth just past deer park. im assuming you kknow that stretch of river? bottom bounce, or use a sliding float and a dew worm, or roe. and fish this deep eddy's back there you will get into some nice rainbows, up to 4 or 5 pounds if your lucky. focus on the meduim pase water adjacent to the deep holes, and the confluence of currents at the end of the samll islands, and you'll get into some beauty rainbows, i gaurentee it!
The Yak

If you want rainbows, fish near the first and second bridges in oliver. If you want bass and big carp fish the first and second lagoon just below Vaseux

Hi, I'm coming out to Oliver near the end of the month for a visit and I want to do a little fishing for trout and bass, but I want to do some carp fishing as well, since that's what I'm into at home and what I'm tackled up for. Is everything open around Oliver from Apr 26 - 31 and how hard is it to get shore access around the local lakes?

You shouldn't have any problems finding shoreline to fish from on any of the lakes near oliver, for carp tuc-el-nuit is probly ur best bet, its packed with carp, if you wanna get into some bigger ones, in the 10+ lb. range try Vasaux. also the old river oxbows are great for carp action.

and as far as the trout go, if your looking for size, go with sawmill lake, otherwise, Kilpoola, Ripley and MAdden are all safe bets for some good fishing, Olive, Black, Brown Chronies anywhere from 6-12 feet will produce very well for you! And bass, well u probly wont be able to beat vasaux.

Are those oxbows south of town? I went down the bike path a couple of miles once when I was out without my car and didn't get far enough I guess. On Tuc-l-nuit the only place I've fished was at the beach area where the washrooms are, are there other spots accessible? It looked like it was getting built up pretty good around the lake. And at Vasaux, I was wondering about the closure. Where there are parking spots along the highway near the south end, is that open and is that the entrance to those lagoons? I'm trying to find out as much as I can before I get there so I get a lot of fishing in. I've actually been coming out to Oliver since the 50's but only really fished in Yellow Lake and Sawmill. The times I tried in the river I didn't catch.

The water is finally clearing up in the river, i noticed when i was walking home the other day from school. About oxbows, there are lots after the road.9 bridge south towards osoyoos along both sides of the river dike. I don't know about trying to catch anything besides the odd trout and maybe a lonely carp in the river right now, the water is still pretty cold. But, once summer comes around the carp fishing is unreal and it's usually the best time for bass fishing. Right before the bridges there are usually tons of carp and a few good sized bass cruisin around.

What about Tuc-l-nuit? Are there other places a guy can get to the water besides that beach area? My neice's husband caught a nice bass once there years ago when we were out but I was struggling to get a fly out far enough. I'm going to bring waders this time but can't bring the canoe because my roof racks won't fit on the car I have now. If you walk by the river all the time maybe you could show me a few places to fish since I'll be staying right in Park Place while I'm in town.

Personally, I would try Vaseux or Skaha if you have the time to go there. Tucelnuit just doesn't put out as many decent sized bass as it used to.

Id have to agree with mcs there, if your in Oliver, and u wanna catch bass, go to vasuax, your not gunna find a better bass lake in the area. But from what i undersatnd your gunna be focusing on Tuc-el-nuit. so you have ur access at the public beach, access just across the lake, on the south end, some what shallow there though. theres also access at the north end. And one other, on the east side of the lake theres a docter's home a white one with a pool out front. on his property you can fish along about 100 yards of shoreline, this stretch had great bass fishing. theres some big willows u can fish, its prime. Just go knock and ask him to fish on the property, he's a very nice man and will almost certainly allow you access. hope that covers it for ya.

Thanks, I guess it will be better in the middle of summer so on this trip I'll do as you say and concentrate on Vaseaux and Tuc-l-nuit and make the side trips to Yellow Lake and Sawmill for trout fishing. I do want to scout out spots on Osoyoos and Shaka and Okanagan Lakes for the next trip while I'm here and I want to check out those oxbows too. While the whole trip is 2 weeks, I only have 5 days in Oliver while I'm visiting mom so I want to make the most of it.
bass master 99

hey yak, are you camping in oliver this year?if so what days, i'm going july 1 - 7 range.

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