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Anyone know if they are still logging at weaver lake? I was there last May and was locked in for 3hrs. behind the gate.

They dont logg during the winter months up there. They do it the summer and you have 2 options of getting threw to the lake during these months. 1 wait at the gate till a truck or logging truck goes up the road and follow it. They have stricked means of getting through, one way at a time only. 2 if you have a cb radio there is a sign posted to witch frequency to tune into to hear whats going on on the road. So you just listen in and wait for your time to go through the road. I also can give you a phone number to the site maintainace guy who can give you more detailed info on access ect...
Hope this helps mate.

My buddy is finally hooked on camping (instead of one day dirtbike trips). He Just got a small Zodiak

We got the Weaver gate key from Gary (he lives a few hundred meters before the Chealis bridge) and had the lake to ourselvss for 4 days (March 6th). Logs were jamming up the launch area big time. I tried fishing with my naked Sevylor (normally it's pretty souped up) pulling it over logs and navigating the jamb. Only one double hit. I gave up. We dirt biked around the Harrison valley as usual.

The goal was finding a lake just above Weaver that I spotted on Google Earth. Turns out it's Francis lake. Last time i was there was about 12 years ago - it didn't look like the Google Earth image at all.

Sorry, long story short...

Just past Francis is major major fresh logging. We heard the chainsaws going on Monday from Weaver. From this spot we saw 5 huge logging fires on the opposite side of Weaver.

It's all done so strategicly so no none sees the logging unless you offroad in. When you see it it's all very depressing.

We've done about 1000km on the dirtbikes in this area in the last 6 months. I used to hate them buzzing around myself while i fished until i took up the sport a year ago! Now i admit it's the best way to explore. I finally revisited Sunrise lake after 20years on Boxing day!

I have a few pictures...



We were spent trying to kickstart an old bike so not many pics). It completely died just past the Weaver gate.

Caught a truck in October...

Here's my theory:

Camping at Hale Creek in August we saw a light at night moving so slowly down Harrison lake that it appeared stationary. Turns out it was a huge log barge moving at about 1 to 2 km an hour. Every night.

When i returned the key to Gary (R.O. Maintenance 604-796-1204) after our 4days a few weeks ago at Weaver he asked me if we saw any active logging. He appearsd concerned about the issue. Told him we heard the chainsaws close by at Werver.

So how are they getting the massive and i mean massive amounts of logs out of the valley?

Earlier I had chatted with Gary for an hour when i picked up the key on Friday. He appears a hard ass but he's really a good guy - but not at all a fisherman. Part Metis.

Anyway, he said the Harisson FS road is clear to the top. You can get to Schookumchuck now. The nasty notch of road right at the top of Harrison is fine.

So the large forestry camp at the head of Harrison is probably going like gangbusters.

And so maybe trucks are driving the logs up Harrison and barging them down the lake?

So nobody sees.

Did some of our own logging. Cleared fallen trees from some of the campsites. Mostly nice weather but COLD at night. Left plenty of wood for others under some of the tables.

Note the huge log jambs on the lake. They shift around like crazy depending on the wind.

Doh. Sorry guys. Getting carried away.

Just wanted to share all my info since i finally have a good camping buddy (and his girlfriend). We'll be back there in a week or two anyway.

No we didnt catch anything going on past the Weaver campsite early March. We didn't go that way this time on the bikes. The area where the large fires are I think accessed from the next road past Chehalis.
fisher 696

Great job on the reporting......sad to hear we are losing forest so close to home. I wish that they would log out in the middle of nowhere.

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