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I just read a fishing article about fishing for
Pinks at Steveston & 3rd in the Rmd news. I dont have alot of experience river fishing for
Salmon. Are these guys useing a bar-rig setup?
Can someone give me some tips. Thanks ...Goose
Redneck Fisher

Using pink buzz bomb, with a single barbless hook.

Goose, hi!

You might be a little too late for this game. To my knowledge low section of Fraser is closed to salmon fishing.

More so, non-tidal section will be also closed soon (22 Sept).

As for setup - any pink/silver spoon will produce, including buzz bombs. I was using Gibbs Ultra, but Crocs and Kohos will also work well. You simply cast from shore and retrieve slowly.

Best time is on the backup tide - pinks will use it to start their journey with less energey. Pinks will jump once in a while. And commercial fishermen say that one salmon jump counts for 100 fish.

Yesterday fishing between 2nd and 3rd roads on Steveston was slow.


Goose, Go to this link

I saw this article a while ago, and when you asked about the fishing at no.3 pier, it rang a bell in my head. This link has info on the pier, and an instance of a pink salmon being caught there. By the way if you got any questions about the no.2 and no.3 piers, feel free to ask any questions. Ive fished those two piers for years. well, ok i only fished there for coarse fish, so in this case itd be a better idea to ask Alex. (P.s Alex, What fish are targeting there at this time of year, and how often do you go?)

too late is right. they won't be back till august 2005!!!. i wonder if losing a massive pink run during the even years since hells gate has a negative impact to the ecosystem and too other salmonids. pink fry and chum fry are the first to emerge and swim towards the chuck. they provide an awful amount of food for cutthroat and steelhead and dollies on their way down. losing this amount eggs and fry every second year may answer some questions about dwindling stocks of steelhead and cutty's....could there be a correlation more that we thought of before.

Fishing forum > Fishing for Pinks


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