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bass master 99

I want some information on where to fish in Pender Harbour and what to use EXC. I want to know because ussually i go up there with friend at spring break.

P.S. I dont care if its fresh or salt water


Lots of lakes in pender,hotel,mixal, brown,Depending on whenyou go i would try in the sechelt area like davis bay,chapman creek ,roberts creek for the ocean fishing.find a map and you should have no problem finding a place to fish.
bass master 99

what lakes would u recommend?
bass master 99

I went to katherine lake and used a blue fox silver spinner with nothing on it and my frined caught a three pound cutthrout trout with it and i caught three others.
Two of them being about 12-14 inches then the other one being a 2 pounder.ill have the pictures up in a little while.
Also most people think Katherine lake is a friken swimming lake. I guess it has another purpose now.
Ling Cod are supposidly hot right now but ive had too much fun at katherine to go in the chuck.
bass master 99

The 1 and a half pounder.(dont have a pic of the three pounder)nice fish for a supposid swimming lake.
bass master 99

same fish, different angle
bass master 99

my friend sent me the email of the 3 lber

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