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Louis Vuitton

wurrrd. Um..It was a really windy day a few summers ago, and me and my friend were fishing our spot where the coho run close to shore on this beach due to an underwater shelf. The coho were running thick, and like, we must have hit the peak of the run that day, and yo could see them jumping everywhere. Bright chrome fresh ocean running beauts. So we were casting our buzz-bombs from the beach, and like, it was really windy, so we're thinking "shitty, wind in our face". But yeah, it was really wavy too, and the waves were crashing against us so hard where we wade, we had to back up to where we were only standing up to our knees. Not good if your trying to cast far off the beach to coho, especially in these conditions where distance is a plus. But for I guess the choppyness made the fish feel more secure. So we were casting and hitting them so hard. Getting hits and taps everytime we lifted the rod tip, and we were hitting them like crazy. We limmitted out that day, but like, when ever you hooked one and were fighting it, you could see the flash of the head shake and rolling while you were fighting it way out there whenever the waves were cresting. It was crazy, and you could see dark shadows in the cresting waves of other salmon following in curiosity. Also, cause we were hooking into salmon, a dad asked if it was okay (out of respcec, of course) if he could cast his little sons Mickey Mouse rod close to us, to make his kid feel like a grown up while he was reeling it in. The kid was rigged with like, a two foot Mickey Mouse spincasting kit from like wallmart with a huge spin-n-glow. Buddy dad guy was casting it like ten, fifteen feet and letting his son reel it in across the surface, like, just to amuse the kid, to make him feel cool, and then all of a sudden, like five feet from the little kid BAM!!! a huge coho snapped it off the surface. Dad guy had to like, fight the salmon on a super light weight mini-mouse set up basicaly from the reel. Me and my friend had to help and coach him cause we know where the underwater snags are and stuff, but after the fish tired, he let his son reel (or drag) it the rest of the way in. After it was in I tailed it and lifted it up for him. Man, the look of surprise and happiness on dad guys face was amazing, and the kid had the biggest smile ever. It was a rad day for all four of us, me, my friend and stranger dad with kid.


great story louis.
my "story" comes from when i was about 14 yrs old fishing on the south allouette, below 224th street. my buddy and i had been fishing all day and were almost out of spin and glows. i put my second last one in a tree so we threw rocks, big ones, at it trying to knock it down. the rocks fell in the hole. finally we broke the line. i was determined to show i could swing my hook past this tree so after retieing cast in. bang, an 8 lb doe steelhead. it took off downstream and wrapped my line around a tree. in disgust i threw my rod down. i had lost my first steelhead ever! the dammed fish unravveled itself and swam right back up until it was at my feet. i bent over and tailed it! my rod was still laying on the rocks!
fisher 696

I'm too lazy to re-type it all, but please look back to Nov 22, a thread titled "red spring".
In addition I would like to wish all my fellow anglers and anglerettes a safe & happy New Year. May the coming year be better than the last. Good health, hapiness and tight lines all. :-) Shane S.

Well, it was about 3 years ago, in a nice -15 degree day out on Osoyoos lake. My friend had been told that guys were pulling out 5-12 pound rainbows at this one spot on the lake. So we got on our long-johns, scarves and what not, and hit the lake. After getting the boat launched, we tackled up. I used a 2.5 inch pink and silver apex and he used a larger orange and red one. So, we started trolling.....and trolling....and trolling. I thought that who ever told my friend that this spot was good should die! However, as my thoughts were turning down, but a sudden heave got my right up off my ass. WHAM, it hit again, it was a biggie. Now, you have to remember that i was 12 years old, had some plastic crappy reel, and a 5 foot long Berkly lightning rod. About, 50 yards from the boat, this monster rose up. "Is that my fish!?" i asked my friend. "Holy shit" he said, "Keep reeling" So after about 5 or six good runs, I got him to the edge of the boat, my friend tailed him and there he was. 28 inches long, and weighed in at 7.5 lbs. Now, you can bet that we fished there again!

-Thanks for the participation, and enthusiasm! Have a very Happy New Years, and may the year bring all of the big fish and fun times!


you know what they say about fishin' stories..........
The Yak

now that's my kinda fishing trip

Nice pair

Nice photo.We need more like that!
I would like to see them released though!
stink finger

me tooooooooo

Hey Ahab,Any more fishing stories?

come on some one else must have some pics....

Louis Vuitton

dubbayou tee eff
mcs is wrong with who ever put that on here...?


That one looks dubbed over though.
The Yak

i think it's from a calander

Is this a good movie?

Here They are Realeased! the way I like them!

Where do you catch those kind of fish?

Do they smell as shrimpy as those Poco Peelers?
The Yak

read above in this thread about posting pornographic pictures please

Louis Vuitton

That pic isn't real. Buddy on the left isnt even holding the rod, and going at the spead that the pic is showing, the rod would be out in the salt. And also, read what Yak said.

Keeping it clean!

Still clean!

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