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Steelhead matt

Fished the Vedder this morning only hooked one spring on a mortac spoon. Saw two other springs get hooked and two coho all in the lower. ..Hows everyone else doing on the river ?!

Damn that's a small jack spring... your boot looks bigger (defiantly wider)

Skunkered so far.
Steelhead matt

Haha it looks like that in the pic but that spring actually weighed 9lbs and was just shy of 24inchs deffently small but have saw smaller .... Was out today saw lots of springs and some coho got nothing tho. Had a black bear come down the river to say hi. Remeber to keep your eyes open.
Steelhead matt

Ran into another black bear today in the upper. My suggestion is if your gonna fish the mid river or the upper portion and plan on exploring and walking bring mace and or bear scares. I've had two encounters now in the last 3 weeks.

Have the chum showed up at the vedder, or its still early?

I was there on Monday and saw very little activity. I was really surprised, it should have been perfect conditions. I was at a couple of spots just above the Vedder Rd. crossing. From 7am to about 9 I didn't see any fish rising or anybody catching anything.
A couple of people commented to me that the river really changed this year and the main channel just above the Vedder Rd. bridge is now closer to the First Nations land. I hear that has caused some tensions. Again, just what people have said to me.
fishin nutt

I was in the upper yesterday and got 2 beauties on the fly.
Steelhead matt

Fishing forum > Chilliwack/Vedder River


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