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Has anyone tried their luck yet? Hope to get out in the next couple of days

I was working in Enderby Monday/Tuesday. No springs seen or caught at Enderby Bridge on the opening day. Another week or so was the common belief.

I tried the Thompson at Banana Island for an hour this morning. Never saw a fish jump. There is no access to shore fish with the construction without a half mile hike along the tracks which is not that safe a hike as the track bed is narrow. I made it with no trains !

I'm heading to Scotch Creek for labour day weekend, debating on whether to head towards Enderby or to head down to the South Thompson for fishing. Hopefully we get some news in the next couple days.

Your best bet would probably be the Shuswap. It should really pick up starting any day now.
The Thompson usually picks up after Labour Day. Fishing from a boat gives you a much better chance . especially with the lack of access at Banana.
Good luck!

Was down at Banana Island. Had to get off the tracks and into a ditch in a big hurry on my way home. I arrived just in time to net a nice 20 pound plus buck for a buddy. A nice fish. There were lots of fish moving up the river tonight, unlike the other day. Looks like they are a week earlier this year.........hope. Little Shuswap should be good as the fish are moving right up the river, not holding. If only my back would let me sit in a boat for a few hours.

Sounds promising! A few years ago I fished the Little Shuswap from the boat and got 2, but all my salmon gear is on Vancouver Island at my parent's place so hopefully I can do alright with my river fishing setup I have here(edmonton).

cagey , I will be close by at the end of September - beginning Nov (first week) , u will take me out for springs ?

sorry, Alex. They close Sept 20th or 22nd.

The T. was slow today with only a few fish moving through. A buddy told me the Shuswap is still slow. Any day now.

It's September 22nd this year.

when do I need to come to catch em for sure ? its a pretty far drive for me also what gear do I need ? roe or spin`n`glows ?

Alex, it is a long way to go considering there are lots of springs down there (especially once they open the Fraser).
If you are serious about driving up here then there are two answers as to when is best. The Shuswap River around Enderby should be good until it closes, I believe on Sept 10 .
The Thompson, which is where I fish because I live close by, gets good about the 6th of September . It is best from then to about the 15th then it seems to slow down towards the last few days. If you want, post you email id and I will get in touch with you to discuss things. The bate of choice is roe, either float fishing or bottom fishing with spin + glos and roe.

The Thompson is picking up the last few days although none of the fish that bit my hook were willing to come home with me. I lost 3 this morning but they were all off quickly. A poor friend has lost 9 in a row , some of them very big ! Two other friends got an 8 and 16 pounder yesterday. Tonight is my turn!
Anyone been to the Shuswap River? I heard it was still pretty slow as of Monday. Anyone fishing Little Shuswap?

I'm just getting set to leave for Scotch Creek tomorrow. I'm still undecided on where to fish, I figure I'll try in Little Shuswap on Saturday then head to the South Thompson on Sunday morning.

What are the options for shore fishing on the South Thompson? I understand Banana Island is a pain to get to right now. Anything closer to Chase?

Banan is a long walk. You can park at the first crossing west of the construction park and walk back on the roadbid to where you go down.
Also, at the east side of the construction area there is a crossing, just at the start of the construction heading west. There are usually some company trucks parked there. If you turn in there is a little road back along the tracks about 1/4 mile . Where this little "road" ends is a popular spot . There is a pool at the end of Aylmer Rd. right in Chase.
I'd stick to Little Shuswap if I could. When you fished there did you fish the deep holes in the middle or troll around the west end where the river exits? The end of the lake is good early morning and late evening. You need a downrigger I gather for the center of the lake. Hope this helps. Good luck. I'll be at banana Sunday if you find your way there. I'll hopefully be the guy catching fish !

finally one for the freezer but I only netted it. The better half showed 4 of us up with a 8 pound buck, very good shape.
One of the other fellows lost a nice big one.There are not a lot of fish but they are coming !

I fished in the shallows, no downriggers on the boat we have there. I did notice more people fishing the middle though. I have to run in to Kamloops Saturday to grab some spreader rigs, not something that's common in Edmonton so I'll check out the parking situation for banana, and maybe give it a try in Chase.

How much weight are you using? I recall needing 20oz on the fraser, biggest I can buy here is 10oz.

for bar fishing I use 1 1/2 oz. you do not need a splitter. Just use a 2 1/2 ft leader to your spin + glo (medium sized) attached to a 3 way swivel . I use about 6 inches of leader to my weight . That's all you need.
Where you were fishing in Little Shuswap should be good morning and night. probably more productive than the river. Out in the center I understand they go 60 ft or so down. The hole in the center is about 150 ft deep so the salmon hang in there waiting to spawn.
The roadway where you have to walk to get to Banana is pure mud as it rained all night. Ugly! stick to the lake or closer to chase.
I did brave the rain and mud today and got a nice big doe, about 17 pounds (my scale only goes to 15 and it was maxed out !). My partner never had a bite. Very few jumping.
Good luck this weekend.

grats on fish caught cagey , really looking forward to meet up and get one of those on my pin

Tried by the end of Aylmer road today for a few hours, not much action. The guy at the hardware store told me to try at the end of VLA road, we drove by and there isn't much for parking, did see a boat out there though.

access is so tough without a boat. how was the lake? it should be really good. I'd stick to it if I was you unless you have a boat to use for the river.

landed a 12 pound buck this morning but lost a big fish after a 10 minute battle. It was heavy but never saw it.Sure was fun !
Anyone try the Shuswap or Little Shuswap?

Kyle, how did you make out?

Spent some time at Cooke Cr. and the Interpretive Center this morning. It's pretty slow. Talked to some campers and they say a few have been landed, but few and far between. Stood on the Trinity Valley bridge with my coffee for about an hour with my polarized glasses and saw 5 fish. Like I said, pretty slow.

The Shuswap run is still in the South Thompson.

I would really like to thank Cagey for this nicest weekend I had in a long time Fishing with a bunch of friendly people is pretty rare to find here . I really enjoyed every minute I spent fishing .

I enjoyed your visit. Next time you will have more luck. Hopefully we can make it down for some coho.
Glad you enjoyed all my friends . That was only half of the group that always fish there. We always have a good time.
I took my neighbor across the street out today. He caught his first river spring plus a 48 cm jack that was beautiful. I got a small silver jack and played long release with 3 springs. Was fishing upstream a half mile from where we fished.Lawrence had the island all to himself. Don't know how he did. Weekends sometimes get a bit busy like Saturday but generally we have the whole place to ourselves. By the way, ask old Alex what his secret is on those 'bows!!!!

I can tell u his secret short leader and smaller hook lol , he was using like 1/2 sizes hooks also he cant cast to where the current is , and we used pretty much fresh roe a bit of salt on it and borax ... but I did dried it out at home , not like the one I quickly made at your place . I dunno why but they wont take cured roe we tried it for dollys here and I tried few other spot closer by ...

oldman got one dolly after u left and Lawrence got 4 jacks in 15 mins :D

I watched "old man" cast lots of times and he was well out there. Amazing! I have fished that hole more times than I can count for salmon and have never caught a trout. (As you know my rod now has). He caught 2 dollies and 2 'bows . I had never seen a dolie caught there in September and only half a dozen trout. I think he has some other secret than just the roe. Anyway, the fishing continues to be great. Had one bust my line today. The fellow fishing with me says it was over 25 but I did not see it. Sure felt heavy for 15 minutes. lost a few others and landed a 14 pound doe which was very nice shape. Got a small jack and lost a bunch. A fun morning and I was on my way home at 8:15 am.

actually it was 3 rb we let 1 go as soon as we see it was wild and you wasn`t there

We didn't do too well unfortunately. The weather made the wife not want to stick around as long as I hoped. Fished in Chase both days and no bites. Thanks a lot for all your tips and knowledge though.

We ended up just catching a few small trout out on the lake when the weather cleared up. I'm going to have to bring out a boat next year I think.

Having a boat makes it a lot easier. a 12 ft with a 10 horse is all you need . there are lots of places to fish with boat access only.
just launch at Pritchard bridge,
Too bad you did not find a good spot. The fish were certainly there . it was a great 2 weeks of fishing. starting to slow down now as the fish get closer to spawning.

Don't mean to hijack the thread but I'm headed out to Kamloops for a few days for work... really hoping to give it a try while I'm there. If anyone is willing to reveal any tips or doesn't mind a tag along in the evening. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!

Missed my annual trip to the coast so hoping I can still get into one salmon before the years done!

sorry but I can't help show you where etc . The season ends on the 22nd . For shore fishing you can fish at Banana Island. If you want to post your phone # or email address I could explain better how to find the trail to the river etc. We either bar fish with a 3 oz weight ( I said 2 oz earlier but realized I use 3 !), spin + glo and roe or float fish about 12 ft down with roe.
There is also quite a bit of shoreline at the east end of the construction area. Again I could explain access , etc, by phone
Blairh if you send me an email I'll send my number. Thanks in advance for the help!
Made it out by the creek, lots of fish rising but no hits

Another trip to S.Thompson , this time with some luck
Managed to hook a pretty fresh doe , as per cagey about 15lbs , after he left with my dad I hooked up a buck , a bit over 50cm pretty fresh too . My luck was done after that . Got a bit wet with some rain but managed to make it till 5pm and head away . Next morning was completely dead . Saw only 1 caught between about 15 guys fishing , and couple lost . But weather was really nice and we packed up and were ready to head back around 11am .

As per weight I would recommend to grab 3-6 oz pyramid weights , cuz 3-4 oz can be a bit bouncing due to current . Oldman was using 6 oz and he was anchored .

Yes,Alex, the fishing is slowing down now. Lots of fish holding, waiting to spawn in a few weeks but they are not aggressive. Hopefully I can find some fresh fish on Wednesday when my next guests arrive.
The current at Banana is getting stronger it seems as the water drops. 3 oz was fine 10 days ago but as you said it would not hold well enough for all those fishing yesterday. Too many for me as I usually have it to myself and a couple of friends if not all alone!
Next year you will be already for South Thompson salmon fishing with cagey!

Spent a very pleasant evening at Banana with my better half. No luck but... A great season with lots of short and long releases and several real fresh fish tagged for the freezer. Sure hope next year on the South T. will be as good. Great fishing and many new friends who love the sport of fishing.

yeah , I was really fun time spent in your area Cagey , ty again

Will be heading to target soles and greenling in squamish tomorrow with my ninja bud and old man , will do crabbing too I`ll let you know how we did

Have fun with those tasty critters!
I have been rewarded with a guided sturgeon fishing day on Monday, all expenses paid ! I am really looking forward to it . As I told you I was only able to watch on my previous trip as I had broken my body days earlier ! Hope for one as long as I am tall , that would be fun ! Will post some photos

nah big ones not fun :D lots of work ))))))))))))))
5 footers my favorite ones :D
make sure to use gloves when handling them , or will be lots of cuts :D

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