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I have already hung up my gear for this salmon season with plenty of fish in the freezer. don't really care for steelhead myself...but how many of you guys are goin out this year. just curious.

I've never been steelheading before. Can you describe what its like (set up, rig)? Is steelhead another type of salmon?

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got better things to do than bother river fishing anymore, waiting for the spring then i will turn to full time lake fishing

i was brought up thinking everyone knew this but theres no such thing as a dumb question. why waist the energy being a dick to somone who is obviously interested in learning to fish steelhead? if you think its a dumb question (which its not, everyone starts somewhere)just dont post let somone else explain it to them...this forum used to be a good source of information but now all it serves is a place for people to be jerks and to discourage people from enjoying and learning a new sport. that being said... Bottomfeeder this site should give you alot of neccisary information without talking back--
--I think i'll take a few swings at steelheading this year, not to crazy about the cold days spent in the river with no bites though...
fisher 696

Steelhead are known as the fish of a thousand casts. Be prepared to be cold & wet. However, the joy of finally hooking up with one is indescribable. As for retards, don't give them a bad time. Try to think of them as people with bad wiring.There's only one idiot on this thread & I'd be willing to bet he's a teenager who has yet to mature & develop patience. Let's hope that 20 years from now he can look back & be ashamed of his attitude.
P.S. Nice spelling. If you can't spell retarded, maybe you should refrain from calling others, something you may be yourself.
Louis Vuitton

lol, oh the irony

well cohoslayer is a good fisherman and i hope he continues to post better responses than that....but he's like only 16 years old so he's got a lot of growing up to do.

As for the fellow wanting to know about the setup for steelhead a few guys can answer that for you here or just go to your local tackleshop and they will set you up. late december is your target date for early winter steelhead.

the fuckin' big shot hot rods are beeking off about how they're already getting them now

yea that was not me that was my stupid ass friend being a dumbass sorry for the inconvenence.
The Yak

Im going to go out for Steelhead this year. It will be my first time as I'm pretty much a stillwater only guy as access is an issue for me.

Fishing forum > steelhead this winter


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