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Has anyone tried the Coquitlam River north of Mary Hill Bypass?
Anyone have tips on where to park for best access.

y dont you jam it!!!!
The Yak

It's a pretty dead river. At least until the First Nations guys get Hydro to build a proper dam up at Coquitlam lake so the fish can pass through.

Believe it or not there actually making headway on just that. Check a few issues back In BC Outdoor Sport Fishing to see what they've been up to. I saw it in the news section of the magazine. Near the front.

Over 100 years ago the Coquitlam River had a fairly good size run of small sockeye (kwequitlem or however its spelled actually means "small red fish" or something close to that...anyway). The run was obviously killed off with the daming of Coquitlam Lake therefore no more nutrients that go along with that and the river has suffered ever since. And now there hasent been a formal stocking program for a few years now so the fish that are in there are the leftovers from that. There is the odd resident trout in there now but i think your best bet is to hit the Stave river for some Coho or Steelhead when they finally arrive. Whats good is that it's fairly close and not as much of a gong show as the Vedder. Although at times I'm sure it can be.

Thanks for the reply.
I was just looking for a closer place to get some coho.
I've been going to the Dewdney Slough the last few weekends.
So, have the coho not run through yet?

Or are you talking about Steelhead.
The real Steelyslayer

There is no fish in the Coquitlam anymore dont go there. Stave still has hos in the lower end
Coho Cody

i know everything about that river...teehee...i know where all the fish are, and where to fish for them.

the river itself isn't productive anymore because of what yak said. however try the mouth of the coquitlam where it connects with the fraser. barfish and you will hook into a few roaming salmon making their way up. hit a couple of dolly's there last year on dew worms.
The Yak

I love catching dollies...

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