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This is for the Jerk that is killing fish from Nathan Creek,You know who you are!!!!.That is a catch and release only fishery.You may keep a hatchey coho north of the railway crossing.NOT in the canal south of the railway crossing.Read the F____ing Regulations A__Hole!
2 days in a row I have seen you!Too bad the fish cops were not there.By the way,they do show up there often,as I have been checked mant times there over the years for licence,hooks,Fish.and whatever they want to check!

Keep it up hero,you are cool!

PS. north of the train bridge is Tidal waters,south is non-tidal.

take matters into your own hands, sometimes you gotta straighten people out, go upside their head
The Yak

sounds like someone might be going for a swim?..
fisher 696

It's best to leave the policing to the police. No place for vigilantism on the river.....................................
that said remember to walk softly& carry a big stick!

I'd done something about it 20 years ago,but now I am too careful, as I wouldn't want to be shot at.Too many crazy's out there these days!

fair enough; then become his "pal" and tell him nicley that he is in clear violation of the regulations
The Yak

Maybe next time take the regulations with you and give him a copy.
green guy


that really sucks ass!
if you have talked to the guy and he feels that he is smarter then the rest of us and therfore should have more privliges.just follow him back to his car and grab his plate number and call him in.

i want to make sure that there will be fish aroud these waters for a long time so my kids can have the same experience we all love!next time bring your phone out or even better a camera.

there was a story on t.v. about this man who wanted to clean up his he took his video camera and hid in the bushes.when the scum bags would drive in with there "dates/hookers" he would wait until they were in the middle of it,then jump out get the guy the hooker and his car on video.he would then send it to the cops who would track him down and deal with him accordingly.

that is a true story and nobody brings their date there all that being said i dont know what kind of pull the fish cops have? mabye it's worth a phone call to find out what they can do,or even better,us?
so please please take a stand to ignorant peolpe like that!

"if the good man shows no curage the wicked make their way"

if none of that works then i say we call luigi and bring out the muscle!
kokanee King

I think The Yak has the best idea. The chances are good that this dude is just a dumbass and not poaching by design just ignorance. If we kick'd everyones ass who was a dumbass a couple of posters on this site would definitely be due! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

oh believe me you, i know im due for an asskicking
kokanee King

Lol!!!Maybe but at least ya have a sense of humor!!! funny stuff FF.
fisher 696

ok everybody .....please form an orderly line behind fishfinder.

Its probally too late now but in that case I would approach him cause he probally dosen't know. Poachers know what their doing so they would be trying to hide it and you wouldn't see them. If your afraid of being shot at do it from a ways a way, so what if you scare his fish away. Either way he won't do it in front of you any more, if he's a poacher he'll move to some one elses water and if not he'll fish proper. And if he's a phsyco well I guess you'll just have to take one for the team!
fisher 696

holy crap!!!! what kind of team is it????
The real Steelyslayer

Grab some balls, if you tryuly believe in what you are saying thump him

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