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green guy

i have not fished for about 16 years and im wanting to start again. i live in north vancouver and im looking to fish the cap, squamish and the fraser for coho pinks or anything else that is good on the BBQ.

i have no gear so i will be starting with a new rod reel...i plan to be fishing from shore.

i would really like some of the guys who have been around to let me know what kind of gear i will need to get as well as how much it will cost me and, what shop's are good?

thank you for your help im very much looking forward to getting out there soon.

I would get down to an Army & Navy and talk to one of there clerks. They can set you up with good gear and the type of gear your looking to use. If you want to fish for trout they'll set you up with everyting you need. If you want to fish for salmon they'll set you up with that too. The guys who work there are very knowlagable and will definitly help you. Also my advice is to go fishing with someone with experiance so your not out there making mistakes and waisting your time. However fishing alone from time to time is good to.
Good luck mate.
The Yak

Dont go to Army & Navy.

Go to your local tackle shop. Ask any questions you have there. They know way more than any "clerk" at a department store.

They can set you up and give you all the info you'll need. There are many different ways to fish the local rivers and they can help you determine what is right for you.

Support your local small business. The service will always be better and so will our economy.


Yeah right! Support your local tackle shop and pay 3 times as much for the same product! The only place I would shop at is on Hastings St in North Burnaby. Forget the name but they are really good.
The Yak obviously you havent been to the Army & Navy in Langly yet, beautiful store with tons of product. Check it out first before you slam it.

i dont care about my local tackle shop, i am a good fisherman, i dont need their "expert" advice on the most expensive product, I buy most of my everyday gear at canadian tire or wal-mart or even army and navy, way cheaper, more cost effective. Although if you are new to the sport, the people at tackle shops will be more knowlgeable than joe zit face at walmart
fisher 696

The place on Hastings is called Bob's sporting goods, look for Helen's next door & the girl on a swing. Try to talk to John, he looks rough but really knows what's going on.Bob is getting a little long in the tooth & can be cranky.Nikka in Steveston is good as is Berry's. Try to go to their boxing day sale or give them a call & ask about upcoming sales. Play one against the other & you will get better deals. I like to fish the same waters you mentioned & feel that waders are neccesary. Figure on 100$. A 10 or 11 foot rod & bait caster (level line) reel combo can be had for under 200$.Another excellent place to shop is Fred's custom tackle, located in Chiliwack. Also an invaluable souce of info regarding the vedder/chiliwack river. Tight lines & sore arms.
The Yak

I stand by my comments from before 100%. and you would never pay 3 times you would at a tackle shop. Yes you may pay a little more as they cant buy in the same volume but I'm sure any reputable shop would match prices. If you want to be limited by a piss poor selection and no service go to A&N... if you want service and a selection of 10 times what they have go to a tackle shop. Not to mention being able to order just about anything you need that they may not normally carry. Ask A&N to do that for you and see what their response is.

Remember we are talking about someone who is "essentially" new to the sport. They need good solid advise and good tackle to go with it or they will not have a great experience. Lets face it not many people are buying licenses like 20 years ago and the more people that buy licenses mean more money for funding for fisheries enhancement. Which directly affects the fishing you and i are so passionate about.

And speaking of licences... You cant even get a License at Army & Navy, Walmart or Canadian Tire!!!!!

And for your information i have been to the Army & Navy in langley. its right beside an art store, i think its called Opus.


Maybe think past saving your 50 cents and look at the big picture

The Yak; I happen to like that aspect, I don't like being bothered by sales staff when im browsing, if i require help, i'll ask for it....
The Yak

Do you really think the guy who works at the big box store is going to know more than you?

We're generally talking fishing knowledge here not "can i sell you something"

also, you can get your fishing liscences at Wal Mart, Army and Navy, and im 90% sure CDN tire has them too

kokanee King

Bobs on Hastings is an EXCELLENT store when I lived in Langley I would lots of times drive all the way there.
The "long in the tooth" call damn funny!!! cheers.
PS. when you don't support local merchants you kill the real economy and give even MORE money to the soulless Corporate bastards that look at you as a number in there P&L.
The real Steelyslayer

Riverside Fly Tackle by far the best place. Reaction fly and tackle home of salesmen who recomend bouncing betties for beeks/newbies and numerous other A-Teams then send them to the river. A big thumbs down to the guys in there. Saw this yesterday!
The Yak

You can not buy a fishing license at Canadian Tire... They stopped selling them 2 years ago when the province said they were only giving the retailers 1 dollar from every licence sold. It's not worth it to them
green guy

all righty then!
im thrilled that so many of you have voiced yourselves and it is clear that there is lot's of ways i can look at this.

i do not like the big box stores for 2 reasons.they have lots of cash and don't need mine.and the kids with zits probably know less then i do, and that ain't much.

i like the idea of a local shop for getting the inside scoop on hot spots and techniques.

i also like the idea of waiting for boxing day even thought i want to start now, i think i can wait and talk to some more people who can help me decide what will be the right gear.

as far as all ya'll thank you again for the input,im glad to see that this is an active forum. i did not think i would see so many responses so soon.

P.S are there any clubs in the city who will take the green hores out?

and remember. it all fun and games until some one losses an eye,then it's sport!
green guy

THATS GREEN HORNS! not hookers!

The Yak

no problem greeny... Any time
Where do you live?
fisher 696

you decided to get back into things a little late & have missed the majority of the fish for this year. However you have lots of time to research & scout for next year.
green guy

i live in north vancouver and i have'nt been fishing since i was i6. so it was me and the old man that would go out. we would hardly get anything at all and we never used some of the tecniques that are mentioned in this i have some home work to do!

so im taking this seriously because i have always enjoyed it, the kids would like to go and giving it a try(i think)
plus they are good to eat(the fish i mean).

the yak thanks for your input.from what i have heard im getting in late this year but, i hear that there will still be some stealhead coming into december?

im going to be looking at the stores that were mentioned and take my time because it is late in the year and there is no real rush.

talk soon.
fisher 696

There are still a few fish about but most have gone through. Steelies are beginning to show up, however, the majority of the run is expected in late Dec. through until Feb. or Mar. These fish are often known as the fish of a thousand casts. Fishing for winter steelhead requires warm clothes, patience & a bit of luck.( a little personal anti-freeze can help too). If you try for them target white water tailouts and backwater eddies behind rocks or boulders as fish often rest there in the slower water..........Good luck & stay in touch.
PS If you buy gear findout if it is new stock (06 or 05) and what the warranty is. Some manufacturers are going from the date of PRODUCTION, NOT SALE. This can mean that the rod you bought this week may not be covered next week.

Okay, I must respond....deep breath here...........

The people of Army and Navy have worked too hard in the past 3 years to improve our stores, to let this type of insult to continue. My name is Joe and I am the Assistant Manager at the Langley Army and Navy.Before this position I was the department manager of the fishing/camping department.To compare us to wal-mart/canadian tire is absurd, and here's why.....
1.) We spool line for our customers, at the cheapest rates. (sometimes free) (Van,New West will also soon!)
2.) We sell live bait!!!! worms,also herring,roe etc.
3.) We post all relevent fishing updates/regulations everyday.
4.) We sell fishing and hunting liscenses and all tags.
5.) We attend product seminars and trade shows
6.) Our staff fish together!
7.) We have 4 guys who tie their own fly's and are experienced in fly fishing.
8.) Effective 7 months ago, all hired sales staff must have fishing experience and a passion to increase their knowledge.
9.) The Langley location has just finished upgrading the fly fishing and tying materials section! over 5o feet of wall space!!!!!!easily the biggest around.

* Please ask for these experienced sales staff when you visit our stores:

Vancouver location: George,Troy and Gary
New Westminster: Peter and Justin
Langley: Alistair,Brian, and Dayton

Sounds closer to a pro-shop than a department store to me.What do you guys think?
As far as "Where you spend your money" goes, Army and Navy is Canadian owned and operated, and Canada's first discount department store.(enough said).
We appreciate useful criticism, but be fair please!!!!!

Joe Beaudoin
Army and Navy Langley

fisher 696

Very well said and written. It's a bit refreshing to have someone rant in an intellectual fashion. Next time I'm in Langley I will stop in so I can make an informed decision.
The Yak

I stand corrected then on the issue of licenses and maybe your selection.

Please accept my apologies

Seeeee I told ya'll about Army & Navy, they are great.

We still have a way to go, but........WE ARE COMMITED TO IMPROVEMENT!

Thanks for the positive feedback!
The Yak

no problem freak

i usually shop the langley location just after work for fishing supplies. have not been to the store for a couple of weeks so i ask you.... live that dew worms your talking about.

Yes, (dew worms). Is there any other baits that you are after?

If you shop the Langley A & N and feel we are missing essential items, please let me know. Our sales have increased by 90% this year so we have been challenged to keep our pegs full! We will be more prepared this year!


does your store in langly or any other location sell supplies for bulk? Hooks, sinks, swivels, line, etc.

In most cases we can special order them for you. We used to carry them in stock, but theft was a problem with the bulk stuff. Call and ask for Kevin (manager) he will order in what you need.


Go to Walmart or Army & Navy, both stores have low prices and in Walmart you have a pretty big selection of baits, spinners, and jigs.
fish on

Gona have to check out the Langley store, never been there, only the one in downtown van. I know two of the staff in Langley, top guys!!

Are major brand flytying materials at hand, ie Stillwater Solutions?
The Yak

YOu guys should support your local tackle shop instead of the "big box you can buy anything and everything here" stores.

Yak .......... For the most part you are correct in saying we should support our local tackle shops .In Langley we used to have GILLS but its been shut down and we still have Stevestons but really SUCKS the Langley Army and Navy is bar none the best place to go in Langley ,Very friendly staff and very knowlegable aswell. All you have to do is ask and they also have a HUGE supply of every thing and anything you could possibably think of.So if you live in Langley DON'T hessitate to go and support your local ARMY AND NAVY (Box Store).

I actually shop wallmart for some stuff and shop A&N for other things .All there gear might be close in price ,but some things are considerable cheaper.All in all im on a tight buget so if i can save a buck or two ill shop around for the best deal.
fisher 696

OK people, fishinfreak was tellin' the truth. I stopped in to A&N today and I was fairly impressed. A varied selection of hooks, lures etc. waders, float tubes and a whole lotta other stuff!!!I can say now that it is worth checking out. The staff were eager and helpful. In 20 mins. browsing 3 different reps. asked if I needed help.Prices were reasonable or cheap. How about an Abu Garcia 6501 c3 for 99$??????I paid 169 for mine. hmmmmmmmmmmm.Keep up the good work,as the season nears you'll see more of me.

I agrre that Langley Army&Navy is a good store to check out. A great selection and good prices. Going there this afternoon to pick up a few odds'n ends.

I live in New West and shop at A&N all the time. The service is great and the selection on par with any fishing shop. I have also for the record made many a purchase at Berry's and Fred's, and find the staff in the fishing department as knowledgable as the staff at the other stores.

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